Wednesday 25 June 2014

Muster and Adder of the League of Canlaster

It was the League of Canlaster that made the first moves of the civil war. Taking the five million men of the Gulaine Company of the Prydian Army which had declared for Bluefort en mass they forced those loyal to Yordan out of twelve systems including the Kendal system. The battle of Kendal III had been ongoing since the rebellion under Kadj Dace had been crushed. Yordist forces responded and while armourers furiously worked to place the crests and livery of their baronial masters on their armour most still fought in the white and red of the Prydian Army. Thousands died from friendly fire as identically uniformed men furiously fought each other. After several campaigns the front lines of star systems began to emerge and fighting died down as both Leagues gathered their strength.

The League of Canlaster is smaller than its foe the League of Yordan though it does possess more starships and has better relations with private companies and other mercenaries that it pays in iridium coin. Nine clusters, about forty star systems, provide several million Mustermen and hundreds of thousands of Retained troops to the banner of Edmund Bluefort. Bluefort rules from his own planet of Lenscasta III and has earned the nickname 'Blueblood' due to his insistence upon having only nobles in command of his formations. 

The uniform of the Canlastrian soldiers is a deep blue with lighter blue highlights, though chosen for its regal associations many feel that it’s simply to suit the vanity of old 'Blueblood' himself. In battle the League of Canlaster favours the use of massed waves of Mustermen, viewed as expendable to most of their generals, to take city and regional objectives. Retained troops make the most use of heavier weapons and follow in behind their commoner fellows to claim the glory. The motto of the Canlastrians is 'Hope is Life Given' and is often seen stenciled onto the sides of transports and even starships.

An Extract from 'The Rise of the Leagues' a History of Prydian Space.

A Canlastrian Muster Squad
A Canlastrian IAF035D 'Orange Adder' Combat Car
Here at the Ion Age the work on the core book of the Patrol Angis rule system, Patrol Angis itself, is once more underway.  While I have a blog post planned about this and will speak of its progress towards publication I wanted to share something else with you all today.  That being some of Sam Croes forces for the League of Canlaster.  These are a pack of IAF003 Muster 1st Squad and an IAF035D Orange Adder Wheeled Combat Car with 50mm Grenade Launcher.

During the playtesting I took the part of the forces of law and order (of course I would) but we needed a nasty Marcher Baron to take the part of the foe.  We decided in the main for it to be the blue uniformed Canlastrians.  In the page of the final Patrol Angis book you will see the Prydian Army in combat with these baronial troops and others.

It is part of our plan to eventually give you all pictures and accounts along with uniforms for the Prydian Army, The League of Yordan, the League of Canlaster and the mercenary Quarrel Company but for now some pictures above.  The League of Canlaster favours a strong blue along with yellows for its uniforms.

If you have questions and features you would like to see in these coming blog posts then by all means email me or comment below.  Larger pictures, detailed accounts and so on.

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  1. Hi Gavin, Nice miniatures!! and glad to hear Patrol Angis is coming along!

    1. Thanks for your comment Mark. Its all coming along. I have been a bit ill this week so my abilities are only, at present, those of a mere mortal and not a golden giant. Soon I shall be Ion Age and Flintloque once more! GBS

  2. I really like the colors on these. Beautiful paint jobs all around.


    1. Thanks Eli. We are going to show off many different colour schemes on our miniatures as time passes. I will pass on the kind words. GBS