Thursday, 28 April 2016

All Adder Combat Lifter vehicles 25% off this weekend!

We have an offer on some of our smaller sized 15mm science fiction vehicles. Valid until the month switches over early hours of the 1st May.  The hover, floating variants of the Adder Combat Lifter series of vehicles.  An offer of 25% off on each code.  Go HERE

A detailed account of the origins and design of the Adder series of Combat Cars can be found elsewhere in the database (link).  However not all the Adders taken from the ancient military designs were of a wheeled variety there were others too.  In some campaigns the Muster required light vehicles that could traverse ground that wheeled and tracked designs could not.  While repulsar technology was available its relative expense compared to more primitive lifter technology for hover propulsion made the production of a huge number of Adder Combat Lifters the feasible choice for equipping the Prydian Army.  Worlds with a lot of water and swamps and also urban zones with broken ground were ideal for these vehicles.   They could carry a four man fire-team or they could act in a support role with mounted weapons in the same range as those used by crewed weapons or battlesuits.  A modular hull meant that often only the turret and some internal systems had to be changed over to create a new model in the series.  

Adder Combat Lifters come in many types within the series.  With an average weight of just over seven tons and roughly seventeen feet in length that Adder is not as resilient a vehicle as the Mullo used by the Retained but its easier to maintain.  A colour coding system is in use to make Adders easy to assign to Regiments (and indeed the Marcher Barons use the same system) and to allow Muster who can sometimes not be as used to war as a Retained Knight a simple recognition method.  The Red Adder is the standard Combat Lifter with space for four and mounting a turret with a Moth 88 Rotary Cannon.  The Yellow Adder is  the fire support lifter and has two crew along with a turret with an Anda 60mm Missile Pod.  The Black Adder acts as an armoured punch giving the Muster the ability to knock out battlesuits and other smaller tough targets with two crew and a turret mounted Fretan Rail Gun.  Less common is the Orange Adder which is infantry support mounting a specialised turret with a Moth 30 automatic 50mm Grenade Launcher which is a recent introduction to the series.  Others in the Adder lifter series include the Green Adder which is a command and control at the battalion level and the White Adder for medical teams and battlefield triage.  The 'Battle Taxi' type Grey Adder is heavily modified and can carry two fire-teams or a whole squad at a real squeeze.  There are also some very specialised Adders too for purposes such as Blue Adder, the Brown Adder and the Purple Adder.  Every Muster Regiment is in possession of hundreds of Adders across the spectrum for all its roles and since they are so easy to fabricate and to maintain they are making a real impact in the ongoing Civil War and in the Camarthen Star System too.

We have an offer on some of our smaller sized 15mm science fiction vehicles.  The hover, floating variants of the Adder Combat Lifter series of vehicles.  An offer of 25% off on each code.  Choose exactly what you want in your order. The Adder is the standard light combat lifter used by the Muster in the Ion Age.  Go HERE  Adders come in colour defined variants:

IAF036A Red Adder Combat Lifter (Mini-Gun Turret)
IAF036B Yellow Adder Fire Support Lifter (Missile Pod Turret) 
IAF036C Black Adder Punch Lifter (Rail Gun Turret) 
IAF036D Orange Adder Combat Lifter (Hermit Grenade Turret)
IAF036E Green Adder Control Lifter (Comms and Command)
IAF038 Smashed Adder Lifter (Hover Destroyed Vehicle) 

This Weekend only 3.00GBP save 25% off 4.00GBP normal price.  Valid until the month changes over early on 1st May 2016. Every order placed gets the IMP32 Hand of the Duxis miniature (worth 0.60GBP) included free automatically.  You also get your Reward Points for having an account with us and you can use your points for a discount off these already reduced prices.  

If you missed our releases for April 2016 you can see them HERE the Shia Khan Legion platoon pack and the new Legionary Command Tesseran.

The Adder Combat Lifters are resin and white metal vehicle kits which require a small amount of assembly.  They have a single piece highly detailed body in resin and a separate turret in resin which if required comes with a white metal weapon to mount and or white metal hatch covers.  The smashed adder is a one piece resin casting.   Excellent value and useful for just about any 15mm science fiction wargame from the present day to near future and space opera too.   An Adder Lifter kit once assembled is approx 60mm long, 30mm wide and about 25mm tall.  Typically only two or three pieces which are very easy to assemble.  The Smashed Adder Lifter is approx 70mm long and 40mm wide in one piece of resin.  It can be used in your games as a terrain marker, a scenario objective or a casualty of an Adder in play.

We think that the Adder Combat Lifters are great light vehicles and we hope that you do too. Excellent Value and very useful.  Thank you for your support of all of us here at The Ion Age in allowing us to pursue our dream of a space opera future that is wholly its own.


Thursday, 7 April 2016

IAF123 Legionary 4th Command Tesseran and IAFP05 Legion Ordos Platoon released!

It is still very unclear what the military structural systems of the Shia Khan Empire actually are.  Certainly we capture few prisoners and none of them will allow us a grasp of information that is of use.  In fact I feel that the enemy, at least at the lowest echelons which we face in the fray, has no idea what their position is in their own Legion never mind anything larger.  Our linguists have had no luck deciphering the guttural snarl of the Maligs tongue or the lilting tune of the few Legionaries we have taken alive.  What we do know is all observed from first hand combat experience and studied from helm recordings.  Not as much as we would like but unlike the Reord we do not know all. The Khanate Empire uses the Legion as its primary formation of war.  We do not know how many troops are in a Legion and it seems to vary.  Certainly the Styx Legion in its red glimmer suits is larger than the Cyclopes legion or the vicious Viper Legion.  There are several racial types with a Legion but they seem to mix fairly freely at the platoon and lace level.  We know the Khan word for platoon.  It is 'Ordos' and an Ordos seems to have about thirty to thirty two members.  Ordos are mixed Legionaries and others with support weapons, portable weapons, vehicles and warlords too.  While our Retained are a match for most Ordos we have found that the Muster can struggle without Desteria or Havelock support. As the campaign to take back Camarthan Prime continues we shall learn more. I am sure of this.  
Knight General Obermann.  Fleet Command.  4331IC

We have two new releases this month into our 15mm scale Shia Khan Empire army at The Ion Age. These are now on our website.  Expanding our Legionary presence with a fourth completing Tesseran of eight in command poses plus a platoon pack containing all four Tesserans plus a unique extra free Legionary Sniper miniature only found there.  If you missed it we also have a Female Battlesuit Tech miniature free this month in all orders see the article HERE.  Our two week free postage offer is now live as well meaning all orders over 10.00GBP in product are automatically free worldwide for freight.  This lasts until the 18th April and you can order as often as you like plus spend your Reward Points and save more and get free shipping too!  Lastly all IAF036 Adder Combat Lifters (5 variants) plus IAF038 Smashed Adder Combat Lifter are all at 25% off list price until the end of the month HERE.  Stock up before the Callsign Taranis book comes your way in May.

IAFP05 Legionary Ordos Platoon Pack (with unique miniature) 
This platoon pack contains a full Ordos of miniatures as well as an additional free unique miniature found only in this code.  An Ordos of thirty two Legionaries composed of four Tesserans of eight glimmer suit clad Legionaries plus one Legionary Sniper with modified Laser Rifle.  A full force for your wargaming table.  This platoon pack is composed of the following packs:  IAF006 Legionary 1st Tesseran (Juno Rifles), IAF011 Legionary 2nd Tesseran (Apollo Support), IAF018 Legionary 3rd Tesseran (Maia Mpi) and IAF123 Legionary 4th Tesseran (Command and Casualties).  Legionary Sniper with modified Honus Laser Rifle. The Legions of the Shia Khan Empire are the main fighting force of the Empire. Legionaries are their core who command themselves and oversee the hordes of Malig Space Goblins and instruct the hulking Warlords too.  Organised into standard Tesserans (8 Troops) and Ordos (32 Troops) they are a flexible and effective fighting force.  Legionaries are respected by the Retained, equals of the Muster and feared by the Planetary Militia. This code comprises thirty three different poses of 15mm scale white metal miniatures.  You have the option of purchasing a pack or three packs with a 10% saving applied on screen. Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.  Go HERE  16.00GBP

IAF123 Legionary 4th Tesseran
The command element of any Khanate Legionary force this pack contains eight white metal 15mm scale Legionary Infantry miniatures.  A senior officer in cloak with Porus Rifle, Ordo Officer with Porus Rifle calling on, Legionary with Porus Rifle advancing, Legionary Medic with Vibro Blade, Legionary with Comms Suite and Porus Rifle, Legionary Banner Bearer, Fallen Legionary on his side and lastly a Fallen Legionary laid on his back.  Legion are dressed in reactive glimmer suits and self contained breather systems with limited auto aid ability.   As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page.  Go HERE.  Price 4.00GBP per pack.

There is a good selection of Legionaries in our range which go with this new pack.  As you have seen there is a Command Tesseran plus an Ordos Platoon Pack but there are also the other Tesseran codes each with eight different poses IAF006 Legionary 1st Tesseran, IAF011 Legionary 2nd Tesseran, IAF012 Legion 1st Pioneers, IAF019 Legion 2nd Pioneers and IAF018 Legionary 3rd Tesseran and IAF045 Legate Vanya.  There is also IAF007 Canthus Monocycle set too.  Not forgetting five codes of Malig Space Goblins, three of power armoured Nox as well as Warlords and Betrayers. Including the new packs there are now over one hundred different 15mm Khanate miniatures!  Go HERE to see them all.  

Information Burst!
You have now seen all our releases for April 2016 and you know the special offer Salute Season period too plus the little lady you get free in every order so what is left to say?  As always a big thank you to all the wargamers all across the world who make my dream of a space opera future a reality. Beyond this remember IMP32 is automatically put into every order at the rate of one per order regardless of order value.  It can also be bought in any amount on the monthly IMP page of the website for this month only too before being withdrawn on the first of next month. You earn reward points on all orders too through your account (we NEVER send any email or such to your account its sole function is to keep your Reward Points, sign up to our email list if you want our newsletters). We realise that some of you may wish to purchase the currently free miniature to get multiples of it without placing a lot of orders so you can do just that.  Visit HERE on the website for the miniature at a fair price for a special miniature.  

Lastly there will be news on Callsign Taranis the expansion to Patrol Angis towards the end of this month.  It has been a long time coming but its getting near.  Look to the blog in late April.  Stock up first with this offer of 25% off Adders HERE.

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Salute Season now at The Ion Age new releases, offers and Free Worldwide Postage!

The Ion Age has begun its Salute Season. While we will not be attending the show in London you will not miss out! For two weeks from now until the end of the 18th April 2016 (we will end about 9am GMT on 19th April) we are offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all orders anywhere (no limit per customer) on orders over 10.00GBP product value. This applies to all of our ranges, all of our books, miniatures and anything else we sell. Just add items to your cart and proceed to checkout and the website will automatically do the rest. Go HERE and explore. 

We have releases and other offers during this period too. These will be put up in articles over the next week or so in detail but in brief here is everything that will be happening during this period: 

Monthly Free Miniature 
IMP32 Hand of the Duxis 

New Releases (5th April) 
IAF123 Legionary 4th Tesseran (8) (Command) 
IAFP05 Legionary Ordos with unique miniature (32+1) 

Monthly Special Offer 
IAF035 Adder Combat Lifters (all five variants) 25% off 
IAF038 Smashed Adder Combat Lifter 25% off 

Combing Orders 
So if you like Flintloque, High Fantasy, Ganesha Games and other 28mm scale ranges check out Alternative Armies. If you like 15mm scale including HOT Fantasy, TTF Fantasy, HOF Science Fiction, Laserburn, Altuos Renaissance, Pony Wars and ACW, Isarus Dark Age, Medus Medieval along with 6mm sci-fi and a lot more go to 

 Our three websites are having a free postage event. If you place an order for more then ten pounds (10.00GBP) the shopping cart will automatically give you free shipping worldwide. As many orders as you like across one, two or all three of our websites at, and While the vast majority of customers are happy to place orders in this way we know that some of you would like to place a combined order by email and receive a paypal invoice to pay. This is totally fine with us and here is what to do for a combined order by email. Firstly choose your point of contact. Is it Alternative Armies, or The Ion Age? Choose one and email us on, or 

Make your email title 'combined order' and give us your name, your shipping address, your paypal email address and a list of codes and quantities that you want to order from across our ranges. We will then reply with a total and a paypal invoice. You will get a free monthly miniature if you have Ion Age codes and you will get any other items offered free if applicable from the other websites if you have codes from its ranges in your order. We typically reply quickly but be assured you WILL NOT miss the free postage on your combined order as we will honour it as long as your email comes in before the offer ends. Speak to you soon. Thanks. 

Gavin Syme (GBS)

Friday, 1 April 2016

IMP32 Hand of the Duxis free miniature for April 2016!

Repair and Operate:  This skill is given free to all suitable Drones and to Vehicle Crew, Mechanics and Techs in your force.  Field repairs and if required subsequent operation during a battle is no easy task and only the brave of the machine attempts it.  If your Troop Element possessing the skill is within 1cm of a Vehicle (any kind of Vehicle including Infantry Sized Vehicles) they may attempt to repair it.  This cannot take the unit beyond its original maximum DMR rating.  This cannot be carried out upon destroyed or killed units but it can be upon damaged and disabled units.  This requires one action to be used per attempt with no maximum attempts per turn.  Only one Troop Element may attempt repairs per turn.  Roll 1D8 and on a 6+ add 1 DMR to the chosen vehicle for Repair Drones and 7+ for Humans for the same result.  Any Human Crew or Pilots who are Vehicle crew may use this skill to automatically be able to capture, start and operate another Vehicle or Portable Weapon at a cost of one action.  Included in the cost of allowable Drones and Humans including Battlesuit pilots.
Taken from Callsign Taranis a forthcoming publication from The Ion Age in the Advanced Rules special skills section. An Expansion to Patrol Angis

Welcome to April at The Ion Age.  This month sees our 'Salute Season' which begins on 4th April with two weeks (until 18th April) of free worldwide postage on all orders over 10.00GBP (you still get the free miniature and Reward Points in every order as normal) plus new releases into the Shia Khan Empire 15mm range.  These releases will be made on the 5th April meaning you can get right in and serve the Khanate straight away.  

There is now also a promotion on all Adder Combat Lifter vehicles which lasts all month at twenty five percent off normal price.  We will talk about all of this soon but at this moment we are all about IMP32 Hand of the Duxis our free female battlesuit tech in every order during April.  You can use this miniature with the above rules snippet taken from the forthcoming expansion to Patrol Angis titled Callsign Taranis which deals with vehicles and much more in the game.

IMP32 Hand of the Duxis
For the whole of April 2016 this 15mm scale Human female battlesuit tech is automatically put into every order at the rate of one per order regardless of order value.  It can also be bought in any amount on the monthly IMP page of the website for this month only too before being withdrawn on the first of next month.  Dressed in specially modified Alwite powered armour fitted with specialised tools and resting her arm on the massive severed hand of a Duxis Battlesuit she is a character miniature for any sci-fi setting.The miniature is one piece in white metal and stands approx 16mm tall.

Of course you earn reward points on all orders too through your account.  We realise that some of you may wish to purchase the currently free miniature to get multiples of it without placing a lot of orders so you can do just that.  Visit this page on the website for the miniature at a fair price for a special miniature.  There is a growing page on the Ion Age website where the current and all former IMP series free miniatures are shown so that you can see what came before.  Enjoy and go HERE

The Duxis Battlesuit is the graceful but lethal large infantry of the Retained serving in the Prydian Army and in the ranks of the Marcher Barons too.  The model comes in posable parts which assembled stands about 30mm tall.  There are eight different variants.  Five with ranged weapons HERE and three close combat variants HERE with Sword, Spear or Fists.  We also have a Fallen Duxis HERE a resin scenic item, casualty or scenario objective for your games.

In our first article of a month we look back at what was going on at this point last year and in our first year too.  Each of these previous months in years had its own monthly free miniature plus releases and events which you might have missed.  In April 2015 we had IMP20 Female Legion Officer and in April 2014 it was IMP08 Muster Girl.  Roll over the links to visit that month on our blog.  You can find these formally free miniatures in the Year One and Year Two Collections on their page of our website HERE.  Time flies and its good to look over your shoulder and see what was going on!

Thanks for reading.