Monday 28 July 2014

Sneak Peek SEORC Geo Shelters coming 7th August 2014

As the Prydian civil war rumbled and then began to roar its way across the Prydian Precinct there started to emerge a need for more structures.  While the Seorc Compono Guild (SCG) revolutionised rapid settlement construction with the Habitation Dome Riser System (HDRS) the hugely successful 'Hab Domes' were still time consuming to ship across the core systems and beyond and also to assemble once at their destination.  Added to that the twin arising demands for structures suitable for friendly atmospheres (non lethal) at a lower cost and the increasing numbers of war disposed and the pioneers of SEORC put their minds to the challenge.   Ubiquitous Rubbacrete and Golglass were too heavy and expensive (titanium alloy being at a premium) and there was no need for towers and landing pads this time.

The solution lay in the Kabeatan research station on New Glastonbury.  At the northern pole this station sat atop a deep dig into the ice.  The workers, fabricators and seekers who resided there did so in a little used SEORC design; the Geo Shelter.  The Geo Shelters were made of a thin titanium alloy skeleton with a dense carbon weave fabric stretched over it.  Resistant to cold but simple and durable these structures were used as Accommodation and as Storage was well as for Laboratories with purpose made components added to them to suit their functions.  There was even a Defender version armed with a Moth 88 Rotary cannon in a turret mount a defence against roving packs of Darga which ranged across the tundra.  These  SEORC Geo Shelters fitted the bill and a massive fabrication plant was founded.

While lacking the more permanent facilities of Hab Domes the SEORC Geo Shelters were shipped out in their millions all across the Precinct and used by patrolling troops of all sides in the conflict as well as by researchers.  But the biggest beneficiaries of the SEORC Geo Shelters were the normal people who had lost everything in a war that was seemingly ever lasting.  Anywhere you travel in space you will see these structures in all their variety.
Quincy Portent, SGC New Glastonbury, 4330IC

Coming your way in a series of Early Supporter Offers (ESO's) on 7th August 2014 at The Ion Age as part of our first year anniversary month the SEORC Geo Shelters are brand new one piece 15mm scale resin buildings. Useful in many different settings from our own space opera to near future, post apocalypse, arctic survival, refugee camps and temporary command stations during zombie outbreaks plus many more each of our new domes will be about 50mm wide and 30mm tall.  Different models for the offers will be:

IAF064A Habitation Geo Shelter
IAF064B Storage Geo Shelter
IAF064C Laboratory Geo Shelter
IAF064D Defender Geo Shelter
IAF064E Smashed Geo Shelter 

August is going to be a big month so keep an eye on us...more blog posts real soon.

Thanks for reading.