Thursday, 31 July 2014

IMP12 Starvaulter Instructor free miniature for August 2014

“Its been a year since we began the space opera dream of The Ion Age so I want to give our friends and customers something special for the anniversary twelfth free monthly miniature.  What should it be?  How about something that's coming in the next twelve months?  Yes.  Good idea.  I know just the thing.  Spoken of in the fiction of the Prydian Civil War and hinted at in quests and adventures and in fact the best of the best when it comes to Human warriors.  The Starvaulters.  Sitting at the top of the military tree for the Prydian Army but actually answerable to the Aeddan Council on New Glastonbury Tor the Starvaulters are proper Space Knights.  Obeying the Code Gallant they take up quests which bring them into contact with foes as diverse as Marcher Barons, The Khanate Empire, The Zin and aliens as yet unknown.  I am sure they pass on their combat knowledge to the ranks of the Retained as instructors.  A fitting birthday treat for IonFans.” 

The IMP12 Starvaulter Instructor is August 2014's free miniature which is automatically put into every order at the rate of one per order of any value.  It can also be bought in any amount too on the monthly IMP page of the website.  Starvaulters are master warriors who have proved their mettle.  Wearing MkVIII Alwite armour and carrying a Valerin 3MW Laser Rifle the instructor is minus his helmet and instead shows the long hair that mark out his kind.  Designed by Sam Croes he is to be the first of many.  About  18mm tall he is a big fellow and bulky in his armour. too   A real character. This miniature is a fine addition to any 15mm science fiction collection for any game system.

So this is the last month in the first year of the free monthly miniatures series.  I am already looking back at the earlier miniatures such as the Knight of the Dead from November and remarking it seems so long ago. All of the Year One Collection is now online if you missed any or just want more.  Year Two will begin in September 2014 with IMP13 but lets focus on the here and now.  August is going to be a big month.  More on this in a few days.

Of course you earn reward points on all orders too through your account.  We realise that some of you may wish to purchase the currently free miniature to get multiples of it without placing a lot of orders so you can do just that.  Visit this page on the website for the miniature at a fair price for a special miniature.  There is a growing page on the Ion Age website where the current and all former IMP series free miniatures are shown so that you can see what came before.  Enjoy and go HERE

Lastly yes this does mean that you can now get IMP12 before month's end but I am cool with that. This is being done for my benefit as I will be travelling on the 1st of August.  But any orders that come in from this point until August will get IMP11 Female Adventurer AND IMP12 Starvaulter Instructor free automatically with bought codes.  Any questions asked and comments wrote will be answered upon my return, so I am not ignoring you all!

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  1. A STARVAULTER!!!! Been wondering when I'd see these praetorians in the flesh... very cool, I like that BFG

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, the very first one of what will become many. True IonFans have been waiting a while for this. The BFG is a Valerin Laser Rifle the weapon of choice for these most noble knights of the stars. GBS