Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Paul Jackson's Stanford Hope in the Ion Age

Following up on last week I have great pleasure in presenting to you an account of Standford Hope by Paul Jackson, one of the Patrol Angis playtesters.  His vision of a planet in peril and its protectors with pictures!  GBS
The agricultural negotiations between Lord Grin Valkor of Lancaster, Lady Arabella of Prydia and myself have been called to a halt.  While the negotiations have been marred by several skirmishes and heated confrontations the 127th has policed the negotiations vigilantly as per Princess Cyon’s wishes. However we have lost contact with 3 mining facilities on the edge of the Areballion sector and the last transmission from Mining Facility A-13 was that they had detected a pulse beacon originating from deep within the Arebellion sector close to the dragon-ship wrecks from the Khanate Wars. I am concerned and fear the worst.
Baron Bedean Sainte, Stanford Prime, 4332IC

Marcher Baron Bedean Sainte (from IAF005)
Stanford Prime  (Stanford Hope)
After the Khanate wars the semi-arid planet Stanford Hope was not required for agricultural reform due to its extensive mineral deposits.  Also due to its remote location near the Camarthan star cluster.  Most prized of these minerals was Crypsium which was a key component of active fertilizer which most agricultural planets imported in large quantities in order to increase harvest yield. The Marcher Baron Bedean Sainte commanded the 127th Muster Regiment and oversaw the mining industry of Stanford Hope as well as its security.  The planet supplied Crypsium to a variety of planets, both those controlled by Prydia and by the different Rebel leagues in accordance with the Code Gallant edict "The population shall not suffer". The populace had suffered enough in the Khanate wars and Baron Bedean Sainte saw it was his place to ensure that the people had food regardless of political leanings.  Thus the planet was a drawing point for various envoys of leagues for commercial and political negotiations but as war spread across the precinct Baron Bedean knew that some time he would have to take sides.  One week ago delegations from the League of Canlaster and from the Prydian Army had arrived to negotiate the safe passage of Agricultural supplies between warring worlds in order to sustain the sectors population in the face of the growing threat from the Khanate Returned.
Stanford Prime has a single medium sized continental mass surrounded by ocean and its climate is semi-arid apart from a few temperate areas on the coastlines. The planet is broken up into 4 sectors Arebellion, Karan, Paulion and Jeanus and the major city is Corringham IV which is the hub of the planet. Karan, Paulion and Jeanus are dotted with mining facilities, around these facilities are scattered Industrial complexes, settlements and freight ports. The Arebellion sector has high radiation due to the fall out of the crashed Khanate Dragon ships damaged reactors and is known as the Outlands. Very few who travel to the Outlands return.

127th Regt Muster Troops (IAF003)
127th Regt Command (IAF003)
127 th Muster Regiment (Stanford Prime)– Purple Aketon\Alwite armour with Red and White shoulder pads in Prydian colours. Baron Bedean Sainte standard is that of a red coiled serpent on a golden background (Representing the Red Dune Snake on golden sand).

Prydian Army Retained on Stanford Hope (IAF001, IAF004, IMP01)