Wednesday 23 October 2013

Patrol Angis Week Four Round Up!

Khanate Legion Support Tesseran takes aim!
The Muster get the drop on the Styx Legion
Week Four of the Patrol Angis and this week the playtesters were into all kinds of things.  Following up on last week and then on the receiving of the Solo Play bolt on and Shia Khan Empire army lists the playtesters went all out.  Some even submitted two reports!  Now that is dedication.

So what was going on this week?  I will put it into a number of bullet points so that you can get a feel for the results this time.  I will say that it has taken me nearly twenty hours to read and reply to everything but I ain't complaining no sir! I love The Ion Age:
  • Bigger Guns beating on Little People
Some p[laytesters, in using weapons such as the Angis AP Cannon as part of their Lance on a Portable Weapon Platform, were concerned that they were too powerful and should be reduced.  Others played on and were happy with the results. Bigger weapons on bigger mounts will be more than a match for infantry and this is only proper.  Restrictions and points costs will reflect this.
  • Over 61cm in Solo Play
Three playtesters suggested a modification to the workings of the Solo Play bolt on mechanics for silent players forces at more than 61cm distance to bring combat on all the faster.  I agree and I am working on it.
  • The Apollo Atomic Destabliser
The Prydian Army has the Anvil 888 for squad popping and some testers found that the Shia Khan have their own in the shape of the Apollo ADS (Atomitc Destabliser).  Great fun and these can be found in IAF011. Using heavier weapons is key to victory.
  • Duxis Battlesuit vs Desteria Knights
This week saw a lot of playtesters bring out the Battlesuits.  I knew that some of them had been biting their nails in anguish waiting!  Up until this point in the testing the Desteria Knights ruled supreme but the testers results in using the Havelock Battlesuit for Muster and the Duxis Battlesuit for Retained were very informative.  Battlesuits are powerful things in fact they are the most powerful single miniatures in PA for now.  But they are not invincible.  Squad heavier weapons will do the job and remember their actions are limited.
  • More Close Combat Alternate System Ideas
I will not go into detail but two more alternate systems for close combat or melee were suggested for Patrol Angis.  This now gives me nearly a dozen.  I accept that of all the facets of the PA rules close combat is the weak spot.  I will try them all and choose the best one.

This week was slimmer than before for images from the testing and virtually all the testers said the same thing to this.  'Sorry GBS, no images this week...I am too busy painting up my Hab Domes from the Early Support Offer.'  That's cool and no problem so here are a few pics including one sent in from Huggable which is a little bit of a laugh on the side.

Bob Minadeo plays Solo
David Korabell sees off the Khanate Empire
Ian Hoffman storms a downed Cassilis in a massive game
Huggable shows us a Yordan allied Hab Dome in play

Huggable's sense of humour...  :-)
Alexander Wasburg's Scenario Map
I am working on some extra files which I am going to send to the group towards the end of the play test period.  What are they?  Well I am not going to spoil the surprise but they will be a lead in on additional areas for Patrol Angis to expand into during 2014.  Hurwent Generator anyone?

Happy Testing Everyone!  



  1. I'm playing the next game tomorrow as I have the house to myself. The Khanate arrive on Stanford Prime ! Camera batteries are charging so all systems go.


    1. Excellent. I look forward to the feedback and pictures.

      Will Humanity prevail? We will see...