Monday 21 October 2013

Adding the Shia Khan Empire to the Patrol Angis playtest

This week marks the start of week four of the playtesting of Patrol Angis and it also means more files for the playtesters to make use of.  Following up on the solo play we have the Shia Khan Empire files.

Shia Khan Empire Maligs
The Shia Khan Empire uses an Ordos which is their version of a platoon in play.  These Ordos are made up of Legionaries, Pioneers, Nox, Maligs and specialist troops too though often only specialists such as Portable Weapons or Warlords are mixed with Legion and Maligs preferring to keep to their own kind in battle.  Ordos are made up from Troop Elements such as Tesserans which all add up to a number of troops or miniatures as outlined here. There is a lot of flexibility in the make up of all platoons and examples follow but essentially as long as you stick to the building rules and troop maximums here you can arrange your miniatures as you wish.  After all you might not be of the feared Styx or Cyclopes Legions you might be of the outcast Viper Legion who follow their own path.

The Shia Khan Empire is vast and its confines are unknown to Humanity but in the Prydian Precinct the limitations of a Matter Gateway's size means that typical Ordos have a lot of troops but few heavier options and vehicles.  The Khanate lack fabrication facilities so all portable weapons and vehicles must be brought from beyond the gateway making them far less numerous than those used by the highly motivated fleets of the Prydian Army. 

While the Shia Khan will not feature in the Patrol Angis book itself they will feature in the follow up title hence the playtesting now.  I am looking forward to hearing the rests of the carnage, in fact there are two reports in already!  

There will be other areas of testing in Patrol Angis too but more on that later.  Let's say it ties into the Hab Dome of last week.

More playtest feedback in detail later in the week.


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