Tuesday 1 October 2013

Patrol Angis - Playtest Week One Round Up

Balthazar and Jerome during our Playtesting
We are one week into the play testing for Patrol Angis.  You can see the first post in this series here.  As I expected the first week has been slow since all of the testers have had to take time to plan their test games and to get used to the draft of the rules.

Prydian Army Desteria backed up by Retained Knights
Having said that I have gotten some fine feedback from a half dozen testers so far and on top of the two games I played in the last week we are starting to get the hang of Patrol Angis and thinking about it as they throw the dice.  Here are the top combined topics of discussion from testing results this week:

Activation Token System?
The core mechanic of Patrol Angis is the Activation Token system which gives actions to Troop Elements in play.  Everyone either thought this was a brilliant idea and original or once it was explained agreed it was good.  This tells me extra examples are needed in the text.

How Does Cover and Terrain Work?
This subject has play testers divided with some wanting line of sight to end after one or two partially blocking terrain items and others wanting LOS to run unendingly.  This is a balance to keep it science fiction but also to stop heavy weapons from flaying every edge of the play area.

AoE or Blast Ratings?
Templates for Explosion (AoE) or a rating for a weapon for Blast?  Good question.  This will need some testing by me.  We might be on to something!

Snap Return Fire in Play?
Can a Troop Element hit by incoming ranged fire in play automatically return fire in cinematic fashion?  Or can only Troop Elements in possession of an unused Activation Token do this?  Testing needed.

Anvil 888 Deadly Enough?
Most of the play testers spotted my plant in the mechanics of Patrol Angis.  The statistics for the favoured Retained heavy weapon the Anvil 888 Launcher are purposefully wrong.  Over powered to the max. Apologies for this everyone but you passed the little test.  Only in playing and using the rules correctly would you see it was so wrong.  Actual Stats are same range with D8x2 and Strength 4.

Below are a selection of the hundred plus images sent to me by testers among the twelve thousand words of battle reports and questions.  Enjoy!

Paul Jackson's quick week one testing on a simple table.  Excellent!
Alexander Wasberg's scenario map for Week One.  Cool!
Erik Walton's 1st game set up.  Love the board!
David Korabell's digital map for Week One playtesting.  Virtual!
Ian Hoffman's 1st game using 28mm Ion Age Miniatures.  Big it up!
Not all the testers gave feedback but those few who did not on the whole sent their reasons in and I accept that but please guys.  You asked me for a place...use it properly.  I want feedback!

Feel free to post a comment and chat below and I will answer or email me direct on the ion age email address.

Roll on Week Two!



  1. Hi Gavin.
    I enjoyed the first round of tests, although I didn't highlight it, I did think the Anvil was powerful, but as it only hit once in my tests, wiping out 4 retained, I figured more testing. Glad I'm a part of it.


    1. Hello Mark,

      Glad to have you. I hope you enjoy the next five weeks and I look forward to seeing your results. Its a great game and all the feedback has been constructive and useful.


  2. My anvil 888 Musterman (sp?) must have been the offspring of Rambo, Chuck Norris and Arnie - he obliterated everything !

    Great looking games - I think I'll use some actual terrain next time !

    1. He was indeed an action hero eh! I enjoyed my own testing too.

      Do some terrain photos for week two and then send them in with your report, we will do photos each week.


    2. Anvil can't be wrong. It's written that way. Says so in the Scriptures.


    3. Obidiah needs to stay lurking after Sharky or he will get a 12.5mm AP round to plant in his Shako! :-)


    4. :) perhaps Obidiah is some sort of Eternal Villain in the Moorcock vein? :)

  3. With reguards to snap fire ive been using any 1's rolled to hit the targeted unit gets a shot back it works well in my solo use me sci fi games. I am getting Very keen on ion age thou it looks great.

    1. That is a really nice mechanic. Good thought. There are some small elements of USEME that transfer to Patrol Angis, I put that down to a common author as PA is very much its own animal. Try out the solo play bolt on.

      Thanks for the kind words!