Thursday, 3 October 2013

IAF011 Legionary 2nd Tesseran and IAF012 1st Pioneers Released!

Obermann is a genius. A genius pure and simple. The loss of the task force under Lectus Bower had dealt us a blow and many thought that attempting to land the portable castles in the same location again was inviting disaster. We could see the ruined signature of the destroyed Brightening Star from orbit and Obermann reasoned correctly that the Khanate would leave that location alone. After all it was mildly radioactive and still burning after all this time so putting troops there would have been a pointless death sentence. The few Dragon ships that the Kanate had managed to build and put above Camarthan Prime were taken down and then the main landings began right on the same spot. Only those who had been at Fenway Prime had seen so many portable castles in one campaign before.

There were so many fortified vessels landing that their columns of fire scoured the land to a bare crisp. Not a single structure survived. Landings were in a complex pattern which resulted in rings of might which would withstand any attack. Their Hurwent shields overlapping. Obermann avoided with happened to Lectus Bower and the Khan well they were caught with their glitter suits round their ankles. We were down and sallying forth before they could do a thing to stop it. The war was on and perhaps we will find Bower and the missing Starvaulters but either way that Matter Gateway is getting shut down. We beat those alien scum bags before and this time we will do it again without nearly destroying ourselves. Obermann is the guy for the job!”

Majoris Killian Jones, Camarthen Prime, 4331IC
IAF011 Legion 2nd Tesseran
IAF011 rear view
IAF011 Legionary 2nd Tesseran
Its a new month and its time for The Ion Age to expand Septembers initial two codes of Shia Khan Empire goodness with two more! This week our first of two releases is IAF011 Legionary 2nd Tesseran. This pack code contains eight new white metal poses of Legion Infantry depicting Apollo Atomic Disintegrators or guards or loaders with them. Fire support for IAF006. Four miniatures with Apollo and four miniatures with power packs and a mix of Juno 2kw Rifle or Cupid 0.5kw Pistol. Legion are dressed in reactive glimmer suits and self contained breather systems with auto aid ability. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Go HERE. Price 4.00GBP per pack.

IAF012 1st Legion Pioneers
IAF012 rear view
IAF012 Legion 1st Pioneers

This week our second release sees the arrival of the feared Legion Pioneers! Pioneers are experienced Legionaries who don un-powered upper body armour and take on all of the toughest jobs needing done. Pioneers tend not to mix with Legionaries and are viewed by them with jealousy. Able to take far more of a beating than normal Legion the Pioneers go toe to toe with Retained Knights. This Tesseran of eight new white metal poses is composed of seven Discens (privates) armed with Maia 9.6mm Mpi and an Ordo (officer) in cloak armed with Cupid 0.5kw Pistol. The suit worn by Pioneers lacks the reactive glimmer of Legionaries but has the same auto-aid ability and breather function plus the protection of the Segmentum armour plates. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Go HERE. Price 4.00GBP per pack.


Information Burst!
New month, new free miniature in every order! IMP02 Retained Knight with Bionic Fist sculpted by Eli Arndt. Following up on last week's Desteria Knights we have more releases for the Shia Khan Empire. A second Legionary Tesseran sporting heavy weapons and the first pack of Pioneers; all poses taken from the original 28mm range and continuing our expansion apace. That's sixteen new miniatures adding to the eight Legionaries (IAF006) and the Canthus Monocycle (IAF007) from last month. October is going to be even bigger than September for us here with more than miniatures to come, stay tuned! Remember when you place an order with us you will be promoted to join the loyalty scheme which will earn you Reward Points on all purchases which can, once accumulated, be redeemed for discounts and special miniatures.

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