Friday 10 November 2023

Grima Robotic Infantry 15mm released

 One of the largest ranges of 15mm scale sci-fi miniatures in the world gets bigger today with the reveal of Grima Combat Robots and their Planetary Militia operators. The Ion Age 15mm Range


The Planetary Militia are present on virtually every world of the Prydian Precinct and while the bulk of its troops are Men and Women there is another type of solider who fights; the Grima Combat Robots. Under Human control at all times and incapable of independent thought these machines selflessly serve using the same weapons and equipment that regular Planetary Militia’s do. Specialist operators control them issuing programmed orders. 
If you wish to read in depth into the Guran Activation in 4302IC and about the Grima there is an article on our BLOG for you. 
Winter Mega Event 2023 is on until 6th December. 20% off all orders auto at checkout plus free new miniature as well as 80 new codes and a hundred deals and offers. See our BLOG for the entire event and all details. Not to be missed! 
As with the entire 15mm range we have packs (within which you can purchase any single pose in any amount) as well as a platoon pack with a unique extra free figure in it. Browse the over 250 codes of miniatures or see all of the GRIMA ROBOTS or the PLANETARY MILITIA on the website refined searches. 
Pack of twenty five poses plus 
free unique Planetary Militia Grima Repair Trooper 
Pack of ten (or choose singles) miniatures 
giving you core rifle and squad support weapon poses. 
Pack of ten (or choose singles) miniatures giving you 
platoon level support weapon poses and loader poses. 
Pack of five (or choose single) miniatures 
giving you the Planetary Militia operator poses and Grima guards for them. 
Patrol Angis, Callsign Taranis and The Khanate Return (three book bundle)
If you want to get into the action of The Ion Age we recommend Patrol Angis. Three books covering the core game, larger games and big vehicles and the return of the alien Shia Khan. There is also the Game Pack which comes with all the miniatures you need to begin plus the core book with a saving. Read more on the website. Also see the Free Content page for Ion Age containing a hundred articles, scenarios and more. 
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GBS (Gavin Syme)

Monday 6 November 2023

Grima Robotic Infantry 28mm released at The Ion Age

 A big expansion to the massive 28mm Ion Age miniature range with sixteen new poses, a new faction and taking us up to over two hundred and thirty different poses.  Wow!

The Planetary Militia are present on virtually every world of the Prydian Precinct and while the bulk of its troops are Men and Women there is another type of soldier who fights; the Grima Combat Robots.  Under Human control at all times and incapable of independent thought these machines selflessly serve using the same weapons and equipment that regular Planetary Militia’s do. Specialist operators control them issuing programmed orders.  

If you wish to read in depth into the Guran Activation in 4302IC and about the Grima there is an article on our BLOG for you (it also includes scale photos).

Winter Mega Event 2023 is on until 6th December.  20% off all orders auto at checkout plus free new miniature as well as 80 new codes and a hundred deals and offers.  See our BLOG for the entire event and all details.  Not to be missed!

There are three packs of Grima Robots and a pack of PM Controllers.  As always a pack offers a wee saving over singles and every miniature is a single in the range too.  See all of the GRIMA ROBOTS or the PLANETARY MILITIA on the website refined searches.

IB63 Planetary Militia Grima Control Squad (IA217,IA218,IA219,IA220)

The Human operators and maintainers of the Combat Robots.

IB64 Grima Robot Squad (IA221,IA222,IA223,IA224)

Typical Rifle armed robots for your forces.

IB65 Grima Robot Support Squad (IA225,IA226,IA227,IA228) 

Heavier Weapons to mix into your forces.

IB66 Grima Robot Assault Squad (IA229,IA230,IA231,IA232)

For close in action including urban and room based combat.

If you want to take to the fray in full then look to IB06 Grima Robot Platoon which contains all sixteen poses with two of them being included for free!

Here are four painted examples of typical ‘uniforms’ of the Grima Combat Robot.  Every planet has its own ideas on colouration with some core worlds matching the robots to regiments of Muster or even Retained powered plate armour.

Currently in the works at Alternative Armies are playing drafts of MOTH 2.0 and early work on a new edition of Firefight as well.  These, among many other updates, will feature mechanics for the Grima Robots.  More news on this in 2024.

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GBS (Gavin Syme)

Tuesday 26 September 2023

Perimeter Borg of the Khanate released 28mm Ion Age

"The crust of Selway Minor III is thick with the volcanic deposits needed for the intense production of titanium and this has made the planet extremely valuable; despite its extreme frigid nature.  Mines cover the planet’s surface like icebergs expanding deep into the dead rock.  The largest of these the Grefa Mega City called Gicela was also the oldest and was the first place the Shia Khan Empire appeared outside of the contained Camarthen Cluster.  Elite Legionary infiltrator teams were materialised by Matter Gateway projection from Camarthen Prime and while the failure rate of this method was vast several teams survived and began their work in the darkness of the deep shafts of Gicela.  It took them weeks to assemble the delicate parts each member of the four Legionary team had brought with them to establish a stable ‘door sized’ Matter Gateway and to begin to bring in the invasion force through it.

During these weeks the infiltrators grabbed men, women and children who wandered far or would not be missed.  These they quickly and crudely turned into Perimeter Borgs. Attaching a control unit to the skull and then grafting the head and vital parts into mechanised bodies thralled to the Legionaries control.  Tracked and carrying a heavy weapon these expendable wretches established a controlled zone allowing the Legionaries to work unmolested upon their goal.  These Borgs would not live more than a few weeks but that would be enough time.

The first encounters with Perimeter Borgs went badly for the security patrols sent to seek out those missing. The dispatching of Gicela Planetary Militia platoons established there was a credible threat from what was initially thought to be a small Gryre infestation.  Destroyed Borgs being taken miles up to the higher city established that it was actually the Shia Khan. The great enemy of Humanity."  Academy Auto-Trainer Series 61, New Glastonbury, 4345IC 

We are delighted to present one of the rarest of the original 1990’s Ion Age models back into the world.  With the entire Ion Age 28mm range now in new molds and returned to the website as well as new releases taking it to over two hundred and fifty miniatures it is the ideal time for the Perimeter Borg!  Our sole sci-fi release for this month.

IA241 Perimeter Borg:  A multiple part resin and metal 28mm scale miniature.  Composed of four pieces (body, two tracks, head) easy to assemble.  Choose from a single model or a pack of four identical with a saving. A tracked cyber thrall with human head and Janus Blast Gun.  Dimensions assembled are 27mm tall, 25mm wide and 25mm deep.  Part of the Shia Khan Empire.

Shown above with a Human Betrayer (30mm total height) and a Psycoborg robot for scale comparison.

Not seen in the thousand years since the Ban of Prejudice the return of cyber thralls to Prydian Space came as an unpleasant surprise.  The Khanate incursion was thought to be contained in the Camarthen Cluster.  This was incorrect…  If you wish to see the Prydian Precinct as a whole (not just the small part seen here) then check out our PIA007 Poster which shows you all the star systems as an A3 print or a digital download.

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GBS (Gavin Syme – Creative Manager)

Monday 7 August 2023

Beotan Lycanthropes remastered for 28mm Ion Age

 “Who would have thought that out here in the darkness, in the vastness of space, that creatures of our long gone ancestors nightmares would turn out to be real. I never did but then I have seen a lot since arriving in the Camarthen Cluster two years ago. Aliens who want our worlds; hell not just our worlds. They want us too. Brought to their heel or dead or worse. I ended up in the tundra so at least I was spared the lizards but here there are teeth..lots of teeth. My armour has their marks upon it and I do not have them repaired or painted over. Memory helps me survive. I will have to face them again. Werewolves...real ones.” 

Muster Trooper, South of Gadda, Southern Wastes, Camarthen Prime 4332 IC 

Now remastered and returned to the expanding 28mm Ion Age science fiction range (over 230 poses) are the original two Beotan Lycanthropes. At 40mm tall these metal savage slaves of the Khanate are terror troops used (much like the Psycoborgs) to break the will of Humanity to resist the Legions. Shown with IA152 Female Betayer Alpha as the Humans who side with the Shia Khan are often at the mercy of the Beotans. 

See these along with the Malig Goblinoids, the Legionaries, the Nox and others in the range all under SHIA KHAN as value packs, saver platoons and single miniatures for the first time. 

If you are a fan of Patrol Angis you will already know of the Beotan Werewolves as they exist as a full thirty three poses in the 15mm Ion Age range. In fact if you puchase the IAFP12 Beotan Ordos you get the unique miniature free included. Rules for these aliens exist in The Khanate Return book

 Later in this month we will restore the two 28mm scale Psycoborgs to the website with brand new photos. Watch out for that! 

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 GBS  (Gavin Syme)

Wednesday 26 April 2023

IB60 Planetary Militia Support Squad new for 28mm Ion Age

Planetary Militia is a catch all term for Planetary Defence Forces which may go by many different and at time odd names and titles. Each of these forces has its own local designation and name but every one of them is known to the Precinct as a whole by their home planet and numerical designation in case that star system has more than one inhabited world. Their primary role, and in most cases only role, is to defend their world against invasion and occupation. There is no absolute law about terms of service and each Planetary Defence Force sets its own rules. On average a man or woman may enlist upon reaching adult age and serve five full years. At the end of this options are open for life time service or reservist or even moving up into the ranks of the Muster. Every world has laws for ensuring the service of an entire population when an emergency arises though its use is very rare and only in direst need.

It is the role of the Planetary Militia to overcome internal strife, attacks by pirates or Condot Mercenaries and they must sometimes do this alone or more often with the bolstering aid of Muster and or Retained Knights from the controlling interest of that world; a Marcher Baron or the Prydian Army. Planetary Forces owe their loyalty to the Marcher Baron who controls that world.  They are often the first to encounter a Khanate incursion...  (The Khanate Return. Third title for Patrol Angis)

New miniatures this day as we complete the overhaul of the Prydian Precinct portion of the 28mm Ion Age Range (some 140 poses) and now add four more singles and their saver pack code.  The first new Planetary Militia in nearly thirty years from us.  There shall be many more to come but let us now present the new!

IB60 Planetary Militia Support Squad (Four Pack with Saving)

IA213 Planetary Militia Trooper with Ron Hi-Ex Launcher

IA214 Planetary Militia Trooper with Moth Type 12

IA215 Planetary Militia Trooper standing with Bodkin AP Rifle

IA216 Planetary Militia Trooper advancing with Bodkin AP Rifle

As with the rest of the range (Khanate Legion portion aside as we will start on those in May) for the first time the miniatures are singles.  Image of front, rear and side as you can see in the above example. These four miniatures are multiple part with separate arms allowing for a degree of posing and you can to an extend exchange arms to make more combinations.

Great for any game system including our own Ion Age Publications too.

There are now a total of sixteen different Planetary Militia miniatures with lesser command, support, rifles and cold climes too.

Balthazar and Jerome the heroes of Patrol Angis exist in 28mm scale (IB57 into IA206, IA207) as well as 15mm (IAF005) too.  Personalities for your Retained Knights in battle.

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Sunday 5 February 2023

News on the overhaul of The Ion Age 28mm range

The Ion Age 28mm range. Over 220 miniatures 1991-2022.  Alternative Armies is overhauling imagery and sadly increasing prices (ten percent) as well as making all poses singles for the first time. Platoons, Packs, Singles.  We are just starting now.

IA001 through IA016 as well as IA075 to IA078 which are singles as well as in packs IB01,IB02,IB03,IB04 and IB20 each of four poses with a 5% saving built in.  Lastly IP01 Retained Lance (picture above) which is sixteen figures two of which are free.  Here are a few examples of the new single and pack pictures all of which are front, side and rear on their pages. 

Have a gander at the website. This overhaul will take many weeks to complete and will be followed by more new releases and restored original codes too. Original prices on the website will be honoured until that code is updated and new pictures put in.  

Thank you. 


Friday 26 November 2021

Starvaulter Knights now in the 15mm Ion Age range

Starvaulters in 15mm scale! 

Twenty one new miniatures in packs and singles.  Also playtest rules for Patrol Angis for these knights of the stellar vastness in the article on the Alternative Armies Blog.  Click through for all the news of our last releases of 2021.  

Black Friday weekend and until 3rd December our event is on giving 20% off all orders at checkout and more too.  We are now placing 'stubs' onto this venerable blogs for those following it and digging back through its history.

Thank you.