The Prydian Army

'This galaxy has decided to gorge upon itself, to consume its vitality once more in pointless slaughter that will see those left afterwards little more than mono-planet atom burners. Well, its not going to happen, not again. My father, your king, died for the dream that Prydia held dear and in two decades of civil war we here also have nearly lost that promise of freedom we hold equally dear. We will all have that freedom again mark me, the Barons will pay and those beings not of mankind that are even now forcing open the doors will be thrown back to the Anwnn where they came from. Prydia will rise once more and I will, with the aid of the Starvaulters, make it happen.'
Princess Daphe Cyon address to the Council of Aeddans 4330IC

The Prydian Army in The Ion Age

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The Prydian Army tries to stand for justice, freedom and peace across the fifty or more star systems of the Prydian Precinct.  This is no mean feat for the Precinct has been involved in a civil war for more than twenty years against the Marcher Barons and now a war for survival against the Shia Khan Empire.  Led by the beautiful and charismatic Princess Daphne Cyon and her Starvaulters the Prydian Army is a miracle of military order.

Every loyal world, asteroid, colony or settlement contributes troops to the Prydian Army and the same goes for those places liberated from the private domains of the Marcher Barons.  This contribution is fair and is based on population alone.  Financed by the Aeddan Council on the New Glastonbury Tor the Prydian Army possesses more troops and starships than any other force in the Precinct.

Exact counts on the size of the Prydian Army vary especially when the Planetary Militia are included by estimates place the total count at around fifteen billion humans and some billion alien auxiliaries as well.  The majority here are the Planetary Militia who are bound to service only on their own world and only when the need arises...and if this happens it is almost always bad news for that world. Outside of the mass of PM Regiments the most common troops are The Muster who form the bulk of the mobile Prydian Army are around a billion in number.  Muster are led by the power armoured Retained Knights, life long soldiers who live by the Code Gallant.  There are some four hundred million of these bold warriors who have among their ranks the Desteria who wear the heaviest noblesse type armour into battle.  Then there are the million elite Starvaulters, bravest of the brave and seekers of ancient lore and a solution to the Dolo Clouds.

Currently the Prydian Army is engaged in two major campaigns and several minor ones.  The Return of the Shia Khan Empire and the continuing rebellion of the Marcher Barons are central to the survival of the Prydian Army.

Foremost of concern to the Aeddan Council is the return of the Shia Khan Empire to the Precinct.  The Matter Gateway in the Camarthen star system continues to spew out the Legions of the Empire and the aliens hold several planets now.  The failure of Lectus Bowar's task force to stem the slow tide has meant an even harder fight now that the Fleet has arrived in system.

Then there is the ongoing battles and policing actions against the array of rebellious Marcher Barons.  These barons large and small refused to follow the Aeddan Council and for twenty years they have attempted to put their puppets upon the throne.  There are brushfire wars on two dozen worlds but on the whole the struggle against the Barons is against the League of Yordan and the League of Canlaster who can field the most knights and other troops.  It is well for the Prydian Army that the Barons like to squabble against themselves as well.

Nobles and Barons

Retained Knights

The Muster

The Desteria