Wednesday, 23 May 2018

IAF080 SuperBlue Adder tank killer released

A later addition to the wide and growing Adder series of light combat hulls the Type 07 SuperBlue was commissioned in 4312IC at the New Glastronbury Targa works with the express purpose of being the best of its peer group. This mission was largely successful due to the extra effort put into its construction the care and time over and above the norm.  Four tons heavier than the regulation twenty standard of the Adder series it was given a smaller than usual and expensive construct of the Podkletnov Gravity Protective Scute (PGPS) repulsar drive making the Type 07 Adder very nimble at considerable cost.  Titanium Alloy armour upped from 4mm to 7mm around the rigid fabricated frame increased survival rates against incoming projectile and energy based weaponry by more than forty percent.  The Type 07A is armed with a Valerin MkII 15Mw Laser Cannon with doubled heat dissipation coils allowing a more rapid rate of sustained fire against armoured targets without the weight of ammunition storage.  This makes it a lethal enemy for Battlesuits and other light vehicles.  SuperBlue's are crewed by two with a driver and a gunner being the norm.  There is space in the vehicle for two more regular equipped soldiers or up to four at a push.  There are several more unusual variants of the SuperBlue including the artillery support, the 07B which has twin Anda 60mm Missile Pods and the 07C which mounts twin Moth 88 rotary cannons however the 07P is the most experimental.  It mounts a temperamental Hermit 71mm rapid fire plasma cannon with the passenger compartment given over to equipment to deal with the strain of the weapon.  The majority of the SuperBlue's in active service are deployed with regular Muster Regiments fighting across the Precinct and there are smaller numbers of the Type 07 present in the armouries of the Marcher Barons too.  Diodine Sparrow of the Quarrel Company has four dozen at his personal command he rates them so highly and used them to great effect during the Campaign for the Hadadan Statues.
Academy Auto-Trainer Series 52, New Glastonbury, 4335IC

The time has now come for the super star of the Adder light vehicles to be released in its second new incarnation.  This is our final release of May 2018..  Able to kick the ass of any other Adder and give Mullo's a run for their money too the SuperBlue is a hunter of armour on the battlefield typically travelling in three's they can even take on a Taranis too...maybe!  This 2.0 version has the same game stats and it is about 80% the same as the original but it now resembles its larger brethren more closely which was our aim.  Designed by Sam Croes.  Go HERE or read on for more information.

IAF080 SuperBlue Adder (1 Repulsar Vehicle Kit)
This pack contains one resin 15mm scale vehicle which requires assembly.  This is a unique Adder variant which has repulsar drive (anti-gravity) giving it excellent speed and agility as well as thicker armour and a powerful Valerin Laser Cannon for accuracy and armour killing ability.  Crewed by the best Muster pilots around the SuperBlue is an armour hunter that can operate on its own or in squadrons taking out larger vehicles.  Codename SuperBlue.

Assembled this model is 65mm long and 45mm wide at its widest point.  Assembled this model is 65mm long and 45mm wide at its widest point. The kit comprises a two piece hull as well as a left and right engine plus one piece a one piece turret with weapon and a base to mount the vehicle upon that takes it 5mm off the table. This code can be bought as a pack or three packs saving 10%.  Price 5.00GBP per pack.  Go HERE.

A Hab Dome and a Smashed Hab Dome around a pilot rushing for his SuperBlue

At The Ion Age we have three types of Adder with a dozen different vehicles some wheeled, some lifter and of course the repulsar SuperBlue!

The family of repulsar Prydian vehicles.  Taranis, Mullo and SuperBlue!

Acting as fast recon and cover this SuperBlue lines up alongside a Tohlic Armoured Crawler

We have many other Adders as well.  Go HERE to see the Adder Combat Cars and the Adder Combat Lifters.  There are a dozen different variants with chain gun, rail gun, missile rack, laser cannon and communications types.  Excellent light 15mm scale vehicles for any setting at a superb price.

That is it from us in May and we will see you in June with more new awesome and articles.  Enjoy your wargaming and remember you get Reward Points on your orders with us which can be used for future discounts and free things.  Learn more on our website.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Larry Boester fields the mighty Tohlic Armoured Crawler

“The Shia Khan thought they could take what they wanted from the isolated Badlands of Cahokia Prime. They thought the Piasa had abandoned their ancient lands. They're about to be proven wrong...”

Following up on yesterday where we presented new artwork by an IonFan we now have a veteran wargamer in the scale and genre of 15mm science fiction being kind enough to show off his Tohlic Armoured Crawler before it sees battle (and paint) in the Prydian Precinct.  Larry Boester often makes me laugh with his comments and ideas as he expands his collection of 15mm scale miniatures and vehicles and while he loves Lifter (Hover) type propulsion the most he is also partial to tracks from time to time.  

“The Tohlic Crawler is a beautiful beast. I just love that it LOOKS like it's a home to an entire platoon of boots or a trio of walkers.”

As you can see the Tohlic really appeals for the reason that Larry puts forward himself.  It has real presence upon the gaming table and it looks like it really could hold an entire Cold Climes Planetary Militia Platoon transporting it to battle.  That indeed is partly shown in the last picture with a Planetary Militia Platoon on Movement Trays arranged around the monster.  Thanks Larry for permitting this share of your pictures.

If you are keen on learning more about our largest vehicle kit here are its details.  We also have stowage and bolt on pieces along the lines of those shown in Larry's pictures in IAF065 Adder Conversion Kit; you can get a pack or single pieces from it.

IAF146 Tohlic Armoured Crawler
This code contains all the parts required to assemble one large 15mm scale long distance armoured personnel carrier. Used for deep recon it can carry an entire platoon of troops or three battlesuits or combinations thereof operating for weeks away from base. Favoured by Planetary Defence forces but also used by Muster and Retained on suitably frozen worlds the Tohlic is composed of nine parts cast in high quality grey tone resin and white metal.

These are the forward hull, the rear hull, the left track unit, the right track unit, exhaust mount 1, exhaust mount 2, Turret 1 (Anda Missile Pod) and Turret 2 (Moth Rotary Cannon). Supplied with two different turrets to use and since they use the standard turret ring they will also fit onto other Ion Age vehicles and structures. This kit is easy to assemble and durable for use on table. When assembled the Tohlic is approx 105mm long and 40mm tall; it is a large vehicle.  Go HERE.

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Nic Evans imagines The Ion Age

It is my great pleasure to present to all of you IonFans the new artwork of a fellow who has gotten into the setting of the Prydian Civil War in a big way.  A person of sketch excellence I give you four pieces by Nic Evans.  Go along to the Alternative Armies Tabletop Gaming group on Facebook and join up if you want to see where he hangs out talking Patrol Angis.

A Knight at Rest.  This Retained Knight has removed the helm of his Alwite Powered Armour and is deep in contemplation.  Perhaps he is considering the actions of the day and how they compared to the ideal nature of the Code Gallant or perhaps he is nearing the time to begin a campaign and is readying himself for war.  Either way this art captures the weight upon his shoulders.  

Patrolling the Swamp.  His arm raised to call a halt to an unseen advance this Retained Knight has grown out his hair and been on campaign for many weeks.  In the Swamps of an unknown world the enemy lurks...but where? 

The Bombardment.  A wall stands before the advance of the liberating Prydian Army and it falls to this master of the artillery to direct guns in an effort to hammer down the barrier.  Long Barrelled Angis 25mm cannons fire their high explosive rounds to the parapet to begin the felling.

Bustle and Hustle.  This could be any one of thousands of cities across the Prydian Precinct where peace from the civil war is a fortunate reality.  Personal shuttles and repulsar transits buzz around and between the rubbacrete and golglass towers. 

So there you have it. Excellent work Nic!  I love the retro style of these almost wood cuts which reminds me so much of the classic artwork of the 1970's when sci-fi was weird and alien with all manner of possibilities. 

Later this week we will be returning with another IonFan blog post and then the last release of the month the SuperBlue 2.0...tank killer Adder!  The SuperBlue is a lean mean death machine designed by the madly talented Sam Croes.  It will be supplied with a free IAF160 Anti-Gravity Base too.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Create a Cold Climes Force for Patrol Angis free article

Some of the favourite miniatures which The Ion Age has in its 15mm scale range are those of the Planetary Militia Cold Climes. Armoured and uniformed against the snows and tundra of Arctic worlds and environments the Cold Climes take the fight to the alien Khanate, Marcher Barons and mercenaries in defence of their homes. Following up on the release of the new Cold Climes Gun Crew and the interest in the Cold Climes Platoon Pack we now have for you a free six page article. Creating your four platoon Cold Climes company for playing Patrol Angis. See below for the download link from our website. 

Creating a Force – Cold Climes Planetary Militia 
This free six page article runs you through the process of putting together four different platoons of infantry, transports, armoured vehicles, battlesuits and more to create a versatile force. The article includes four pre-filled rosters one for each platoon as well as the guide and some pictures of the miniatures for the force. Links are included to other free articles which will be of assistance as well. This is part one of three linked articles. Click HERE to download the article from our website and to see and learn more. 

If you want to see more of our Planetary Militia then visit the Prydian Army and the Prydian Vehicles pages for all the codes. You can get a pack or three packs with a saving or choose single poses from packs as well. Remember that when you order from us you get Reward Points assigned to your account which you can use on future orders to get discounts or free products. Read more about our Reward Programme on its page of the website. For the game system Patrol Angis check out our 15mm Publications Page for print and digital books plus value bundles and free content too. 

Towards the end of this month we will have our last of three May 2018 releases. We are getting it ready now. Rumours were is a new Superblue Adder 2.0 which is replacing the original model! 

On May 25th 2018 the new General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR) comes into law in the UK and across Europe as well. Over the past weeks we have been becoming compliant in our website and on our email list as well. You might have noticed the changes while you were browsing or updating your settings. We will be sending out a Compliance Email soon to everyone on our Mailchimp List. We ask that if you wish to continue to receive from us the latest news, releases and offers through email please look out for this special email (it will contain details of an email only free offer which is coming) and take half a minute to follow its link and update your settings. We are taking the chance to also do some housework on our mailing list to remove dead emails and such so please do update your settings. If you wish to sign up for our email you can do so (it is GDPR compliant) on the top right of our blog home page by subscribing. 

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Friday, 4 May 2018

IAF147 Cold Climes Gun Crew released!

Now released the second new code of the month from The Ion Age and it is a small but important pack for players of Planetary Militia who are taking on the Khanate or the Prang or Marcher Barons in frozen lands of any planet; The Cold Climes Gun Crew!  Two miniatures to control and load a portable weapon platform such as the Espaten with its anti-gravity or tracked motive units or the tow bar equipped and wheeled Amber platform.  See the Prydian Army page HERE.

“Illuminated in a dull orange light the fast moving Beotans were tracked by the linked vision enhancer which passed its data to the control box that oversaw the Moth 88 cannon.  Reticules appeared around the thirty of the bestial creatures and the gunner toggled the engage stud under its safety cover atop the box.  The vision enhancer continued to track the aliens as a hail of 11mm belt fed rounds flew from the twin barrels of the cannon.  Eleven of the Beotans collapsed to the snow missing heads, legs and other body parts and another howled as its right arm was shredded along with the Mia Mpi it was holding.  The remaining aliens continued to close with the troopers faster than any man could ever hope to run.  Behind the Amber Platform the driver of the Hazelwurm which had towed the wheeled cannon and transported its gunners climbed out of his combat car and opened fire with a Moth Type 6 Rifle managing to down one more Beotan.  As the cannon continued to track and fire the rest of the 8th and 6th platoons began to arrive in their carriers and added their own weight to holding the position. A lot more black furred aliens were coming and there were only sixteen hundred rounds left in the feed hopper of the cannon.  This would be a long day.”
Near Gadda, Southern Wastes, Camarthen Prime 4330 IC

IAF147 Cold Climes Amber Gun Crew
This pack contains two 15mm scale white metal miniatures in different poses. Two Planetary Militia Cold Climes Troopers with the first using vision enhancer to sight targets and the second armed with Moth Type 6 Rifle and with the remote control box for the Amber Portable Weapon. Combine these portable weapon crew miniatures with the IAF073 Amber Portable Weapon or the IAF064 Espaten Portable Weapon Platforms.  You can choose a pack or Three Packs saving 10% or single poses from the pack. Go HERE.  Price 1.00GBP

This new pack goes alongside the 15mm scale Cold Climes Platoon pack as well as transports such as the Hazelwurm Patrol Car and the Colabreta Carriers which they use to get into the fight plus the massive Tohlic Armoured Crawler.  You can find these on the Prydian Army page and the Prydian Vehicles page.

Those who play Patrol Angis can find out all about the Cold Climes Militia in the third book in the series The Khanate Return.  See the books in print and as downloads on our 15mm Publications page.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Lift yourself at The Ion Age this May 2018

May Day! Danger!  Well not if you are an IonFan and want to know what the fifth month of this year will bring in terms of space opera wargaming as it is all good.  We begin the month with the first of three new releases and it doubles as the month long special offer which ends 1st June 2018.  See the brand new Anti Gravity Base pack HERE saving 25%.  As well as this we will be having a Four Day May Day event this weekend which will see the second new release arriving and it will be included FREE in any order placed during the event; read on for more.  Towards the end of the month we will have a new 15mm vehicle which replaces one already in the range updating it as we did with the Mullo AFV.  Go to our WEBSITE or delve into the detail here.

On offer all this month ending 1st June is the brand new IAF160 Anti Gravity Bases pack which we use in play and in our images of floating or repulsar type vehicles.  There are four bases in each pack and the pack is 25% off all this month.  Float right on over HERE.

IAF160 Anti Gravity Bases
This pack contains four identical high quality grey tone resin bases.  Each base is 30mm across and is circular with a thickness of 3mm and features a central mount which is 5mm tall and is wide enough to support any of our vehicles which float.  Designed for use with the Taranis, Mullo, Super Blue Adder and other 'repulsar' type vehicles it allows them to 'hover above' the battlefield in a lovely fashion.  You could also place it under your anti-gravity lifter units for Portable Weapon Platforms or other miniatures which suit it.  You can use these bases with any range and scale of models and they will fit our Troop Element Trays with 30mm slots.  5.00GBP per Pack. Go HERE.

Above you can see a composite picture featuring a IAF042C Mullo Armoured Fighting Vehicle repulsar type 15mm vehicle mounted upon the new base.  Looks great!

Three New Releases and an Event in May 2018

The new pack of bases is our first new release of three this month and it is on the website now.  Here are the details in brief of what else will be happening this month so you can ready yourself and if you wish to take advantage of the May Day Weekend event too.  Remember you get Reward Points on every order you place with us added to your account on the website (you must have an account on the website setting it up first time you use a welcome gift of 100 Points!) and these can be used to gain discounts and free items on any future order at any time.  Millions of points earned and spent with us so far!

On Friday 4th May through to the end of Monday 8th May we will have our 'May Day' event in which we will be adding a pack of Planetary Militia Cold Climes gunners in every order which is placed with us.  A gift of a brand new pack which will also be released on 4th May.  IAF147 Cold Climes Amber Gun Crew our second release contains two different 15mm scale miniatures wearing heated uniforms and long coats an officer and gunner and is worth 1.00GBP.  A fun event and if you play Planetary Militia it is something you will want for your Amber Portable Weapon Platforms.

A free article titled 'Creating a Cold Climes Force in Patrol Angis' which will guide you through the selection and then roster assembly for playing the game will be published on 16th May for you to read.

The third new release will appear around the 24th May and it is a cracker.  As you can tell we are on a bit of a floating theme this month and it all leads here.  We will have a brand new 2.0 version of the IAF080 SuperBlue Adder!  A heavily armoured repulsar Adder variant of light vehicle which is a dedicated hunter killer armed with a Valerin Laser Cannon.  Sam Croes is finalising it now and it is looking excellent.

Thank you as always for your support with our little space opera brand.  We work hard and we make quality miniatures to continue to expand this sci-fi universe that you all so enjoy.