Monday, 14 July 2014

Sneak Peek - Smashed Hab Dome coming soon!

The first resin casting from the master design
When we released the Cratered Hab Dome back in June 2014 it went down really well.  People had commented and also contacted me directly to say that they really liked how The Ion Age created crashed, smashed and destroyed versions of its structures and vehicle releases.  These allow for easy placement on the gaming table as scenics or to mark casualties as well.  The Cratered Hab Dome showed one of the fantastic IAF015 Hab Domes in a state of total destruction hit perhaps by a strike from the air with massive power.

A lot of the comments and contacts asked if, due to the popularity of the Hab Dome, we might consider doing a second version of it damaged.  Damaged this time not destroyed.  Roughly at the same time we were replacing the molds for the Hab Dome for the fifth time and this rang true with us and we thought why not.  After a couple of rough sketches and deciding on the level of damage Sam Croes got started on creating a Smashed Hab Dome.

A view from all angles of the first casting with IAF016 for scale
We decided upon a level of damage that was extensive but not total.  The fundamental being of the structure would be intact and recognisable and the corridor connector hardpoint would also be intact.  As you can see one side of the dome has been smashed and collapsed down on itself meaning that the roof has slid to a forty five degree angle.  You can still put a top mount upon it if you wish.  The build of the model was a challenge and took several days but I think its turned out really nicely.  I hope you do too.

We are putting this model into production as of the end of this week and it will be releasing it on the 24th of July after the end of the current Adder Combat Lifter ESO period.  All comments are welcome and feedback is valued so drop me a line or a comment.

Thanks for your time.



  1. Hi Gavin, Having bought several of the original hab domes, the 'upward' extension, landing pad and security building in this range, including several top mounts and a cratered hab dome (phew, out of breath) I took one look at this and realised that this is going on the shopping list too! If gamers out there haven't got any of these buildings they ought to do themselves a favour and take a look- they're excellent.

    1. Thanks for all your custom Gunrunner and for the kind words too. I try not to gush excellent too much on our products but recommendations like yours tell the story, there are many happy wargamers out there. The terrain range will continue to grow! GBS