Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The New 15mm Nox are coming!

New 15mm Nox Trooper with Jupiter Plasma Rifle
Rear View
The Nox
Part of a Khanate Legion but also seemingly above and beyond it the Nox are a law unto themselves. Their powered armour is superior to Alwite and their reputation for brutality and evil well deserved. Whenever the Nox are encountered it means the Shia Khan are intent on winning.  Best to call upon the Desteria!

We have been busy with new designs for white metal in the 15mm range.  I would like to present the first ever brand new Nox Trooper for the Ion Age.  Taking up from where the archive range left off in the early 1990's the Nox are the Shia Khan Empire's elite power armoured legionaries.  You can see the original archive pack here on the website.

Why would we say that these coming Nox are new?  Well simply due to the fact that firstly that Sam Croes the lead designer for the Ion Age has sculpted an entire new set of Nox parts and bodies meaning standardisation across the new designs.  Secondly the 15mm new Nox are a scale re-production of the 28mm original ones just as our new 15mm Legionaries and 15mm Maligs are.  The ridges in the armour are beautifully crisp and the helms smoothly rounded in scale.  They are just as unique and intimidating as they always were to players of Firefight.  Armed with the heavier infantry weapons that Legions use in teams such as the Jupiter Plasma Rifle and Janus Blast Guns the Nox are a match for any Human troops.

What can you expect to see coming?   The Khanate will get a lot of new muscle from June onwards with several packs of Nox organised along the same five to the code different poses like our Desteria Knights. This will be codes of troopers and also command and characters too building towards a whole Ordos (platoon) of unique poses.
The Nox in Art
Not that I am a fan boy (well I am really) but the Nox are one of the prime attractors to the Ion Age universe for me personally.  They are pure space opera evil villains.  Intergalactic bully boys in armour that puts 80's shoulder pads to shame.  Seeing a whole force on them in the table would be awesome.

You can learn more about the Shia Khan Empire in the Ion Age on this page on this page HERE.

Thanks for Reading for now, that is all.  Fear the Khan!



  1. Looking very nice indeed. Great sculpt and that's a top piece of artwork too. Well done all around, and looking forward to buying and painting these up :-)

    1. Thanks. Appreciate it. He is one of many and its tough to take such large photos of miniatures only 17mm tall. Soon enough, but Adders first. GBS

  2. Cool, so they will all have the same armour design? Just in different poses, will any have melee weapons?

    1. Thanks for your comment Dan. The Nox are defined by their armour so yes but there will be helmet variation for command. Varied poses by gait and stance and weapon along with more exotics. There are going to be many of them so you will be in luck. GBS