Thursday, 6 September 2018

Stone Cold Lead paints up 28mm Noble of Prydia

“Across the Prydian Precinct a civil war rages for control of the throne. Marchers Barons who control entire world or even stellar systems raise mighty armies of Retained Knights and Muster before send them to contest the realms of their enemies. In the hierarchy of each knightly regiment the positions of supreme importance are given to Nobles. It is the Nobles who lead from the front in the finest of powered armours and fly the glittering banners of their baronies. Splendid they are and terrible in their wrath upon the field.” 

It is my pleasure to present, following on the heels of the release of our new value platoon packs, the superb brush skills of Simon Bradley of Stone Cold Lead figure painting his interpretation of a Prydian Noble in 28mm scale. He features his work on his own Facebook page HERE which you can check out. Painted to a very high level of finish the miniature shown is IA103 Noble with Carnwennan Pistol (taken from pack IB27 Nobles of Prydia pose 2) in a simple colour scheme which really brings out the detail and soul of this leader of knights. The figure stands well over 30mm tall as it is a Noble and is a fine centre piece for a 28mm force. Here are some shots of Simon's work including a scale shot with a classic Citadel figure. 

You may not realise this but our huge 28mm range of Prydian and Shia Khan miniatures has been almost totally replicated in the popular 15mm scale too and this includes the Prydian Noble who is the subject of this article. It is the middle pose in the pack. 

IAF157 Nobles of Prydia 
This pack contains three different 15mm nobles of the Precinct ideal to command your lances all wearing elaborate Alwite powered armour and carrying a mix of energy melee weapons and Carnwennan Pistol. A Noble leaning forward with decorate helm and Carnwennan Pistol. A Noble preparing Carnwennan Pistol. A Noble running with Carnwennan Pistol and plumed helm. Ideal for characters in the Prydian Army or any other force which uses Retained Knights such as the League of Yordan or League of Canlaster. Just choose your uniform. You have the option of purchasing a pack or three packs saving 10% or single poses from the pack for your collection. Price 3.00GBP per pack. Go HERE

We shall return later in the month with an update from Aris all about his games of Patrol Angis at the Articon event! 

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