Thursday, 20 September 2018

Top Down Scale Shots for the five different 15mm Adder Tankettes

Back in March we released the three new variants of the mighty Mullo Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV) the medium vehicle for Pryidan Army and Marcher Baron forces.    You can see this on our BLOG.  During that release we were asked for some scale pictures taken from above, top down as it were, alongside other vehicles and miniatures in our 15mm range.  This would allow wargamers to see how the vehicles looked on the table next to each other.  We were happy to oblige through social media.  With this in mind we now have top down scale shots, four of them, for the five new variants of the IAF164 Tracked Adder Combat Tankettes (Red, Yellow, Black, Orange and Green).  You can see these light vehicles on the website HERE and they will be shipping 1st October 2018 with early supporter offers for pre-order until then on this page HERE.

Please enjoy these pictures and if you have any questions just ask by comment or email to and we will be happy to assist you.  Details of each picture are below.

Our workhorse tracked vehicle the IAF042B Mullo is shown next to the mighty IAF100E Taranis Tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier which though it does not hold the troops a Tohlic does can transport them in great protection.  IAF080 Superblue Adder is the rock star of the light vehicles a repulsar (anti-gravity) speedy vehicle toting a Valerin Laser Cannon.  Lastly the IAF029 Skylark Patrol Flyer which is a close support airframe. 

The walking Prydians are in this picture.  An officer of the Cold Climes Planetary Militia next to a rugged Steornede Battlesuit with twin Moth cannons.  Our light mecha the Afara Strider matches up to an Adder in terms of fire power but with greater armour.  IAF164F Grey Adder Tracked APC is the battle bus for the Muster and some Planetary Militia.  Our terrain range contains many 15mm scale models from IAF064B Storage Geo Shelter for frontier worlds and our famous IAF015 Hab Dome which is a super heavy building for any battlefield. IAF038 Smashed Adder Combat Lifter completes the image.

We have a Power Spire and a Fabricator Spire both scatter level battlefield scenics.  The urban IAF054 Hazelwurm Patrol Car allows a pair of troopers to respond rapidly and to tow a portable weapon platform too.  IAF061A Colebreta Patrol Carrier is the roomy and dedicated Planetary Militia conveyor of troops.  Lastly the mammoth IAF146 Tohlic Armoured Crawler which carriers an entire platoon into battle on extended missions..our biggest tracked vehicle.

The enemies of humanity are the Shia Khan Empire.  Their Goblin troops the Maligs on foot and on an Orba sphere bike plus a Skrak Terror Bird.  Robotic walking nightmares the Psychoborg is best fought using a battlesuit.  IAF046 Infernus Ball Tank the mad rolling vehicle of the Maligs.  The Khanate use tall and narrow vehicles build around large wheels which are able to be brought through the Matter Gateway from their part of the galaxy.  IAF135 Pugnus Light Tank matches up well with the Adder and Mullo human vehicles.  IAF139 Canno AFV mounts a Laser Bombard for long range support and the IAF136 Manus APC which brings Legionaries into battle.

The Adder Combat Tankettes are great little vehicles the lightest which we make with tracked propulsion.  There are bigger ones as you have now seen!

In our next article we will present bolt on rules for Patrol Angis to make use of these new Adder vehicles in your games.

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    1. Thank you Gary. I do my best to assist gamers.