Thursday 12 June 2014

IAF051 Nox Demos with Janus Blastguns released!

This is a damn waste of time Sarj. Ain't gonna do them a dent with the rifles from here.”

Private Tangarin of the 334th Muster Regiment voiced his complaint but continued shooting over the shattered Rubbacrete ledge as he had been ordered. A four man fire-team was pinned on the ledge of the second floor of the battered habitation block and keeping them there were a pair of deep red Nox troopers. While not invincible the Segmentum powered armour worn by the elite legionaries of the Styx Legion was stronger than the Alwite of the Retained and a tough task for the 9mm slugs from a Moth Rifle at anything more than a clean shot at close range. More than forty feet up in the air the bullets were doing little more than annoying the alien soldiers as they ricochet from the ridged shoulders of the Nox armour.

Keep it cool Tangarin. Other team is in position. What's bugging at me is that the Ridgers ain't shooting back. Got us sitting and ain't doing nothing.”

The Sarj was correct for across the cleared space of fallen blocks and room fittings the second fire-team came into view on their own ledge and readied a Bodkin AP Rifle. While the 'boom stick' was normally used by the Muster to put a hole in an Adder Combat Car or crack up enemy Desteria Knights it was also a fine tool for taking down the 'Ridgers' as Prydian troops called the Nox. With the legs of its stand placed the Bodkin was aimed and then fired with an echoing retort. The 25mm slug missed the two Nox as they deftly side stepped. They must have known what was coming. Dust and gravelled Rubbacrete showered the pair as the kinetic energy of the round dissipated into the ground.

Ah, hell...they were waiting for us all to show. Its a trick. Their gonna shred the whole squad in one.”

They were good troops but they had been caught flat handed and as the trooper on the opposite ledge began to reload the Bodkin every other Muster there opened up with all they had trying to do more than pin the Nox who were now putting their own ploy into action. They turned away from each other, taking a fire-team each and aimed their heavy Janus Blast Guns at the ledges. They opened fire as Moth rounds pinged from their now dusty armour. In a rapid stream 47mm mini fragmenting grenades blasted more holes in the walls and stitched a line up toward the ledges. The Sarj caught a break as his rifle fire brought a result and the alien targeting his fire-team dropped to one knee, its right leg shot through as its Segmentum gave way under the hail. Its Janus fire missed the ledge and carried on up in the air. The other fire-team was not so lucky and its four members were struck by five Janus rounds. In a fountain of blood and torn aketon plates three of the Muster were killed instantly and the last mortally wounded. Its job done the triumphant Nox turned away from its bloodied target and drew a bead on the Sarj and the now reloading troopers.

Jenner's lads are gone. Looks like the same for us. Been an honour. Pour it on!”

The Nox suddenly toppled forward, its chest blown apart, pitching into the rubble. Before the Nox had begun to topple the retort of the Bodkin reached their ears; its 25mm slug had killed the alien outright. Looking across the gap the Sarj saw Corp Jenner laying across the smoking AP Rifle he had evidently used his dying breath to aim and fire the reloaded weapon. It was time to get out while their fortune held. The remaining Nox had managed to raise itself on its own good leg.

By the Princess, rest well Jenner. Off the ledge, back down the stairs. We done what we can. Leave it to 3rd Platoon now”.

2nd Squad on active from 334th Regiment, Fergusville, Camarthen Prime, 4331IC.

IAF051 Nox Demos with Janus Blast Guns
IAF051 Rear View
IAF051 Nox Demos (Janus Blastguns)
Wearing powered and very tough Segmentum armour the Nox are the elite infantry of a Shia Khan Legion. Given the toughest tasks and carrying weapons that are usually the duty of two Legionaries between them Nox are more than a match for Retained Knights and often pose a challenge to the mighty Desteria Knights too. We are super proud to release our first brand new pack of Nox; the first of many to come. This pack contains five white metal miniatures depicting Nox armed with Janus 47mm Grenade Blast Guns in various poses including a minor officer in command helmet. 
Scale Shot with Canlastrian Muster
Nox miniatures are about 18mm tall and broad across the shoulders. This code can be bought as a pack of five miniatures or as single poses or three packs saving 10%. Price 5.00GBP per pack. Go HERE.

Information Burst
Its more than a week into the month of IMP10 Malig Tank Ace as our free miniature and we are grateful for the nice feedback on this free miniature. Its been a bumper couple of months for Khanate fans and players. You can read a blog post about the origin of the first of the new Nox troopers HERE. Its a short read but it outlines how serious we are to make these great space opera villains into a whole force away from the very first set of them some twenty years ago. 

We are half way through our current Early Supporter Offer on the Adder Combat Car and thanks to all who have supported us in this. Read about saving 25% and getting something free too HERE. Great value and a super small vehicle to boot. Get your bundle now. We are starting small but boy we will get bigger with vehicles during 2014. 

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