Monday, 30 June 2014

Sneak Peek - Floating in this week at The Ion Age

The Red Adder Combat Lifter takes on Canlastrian Muster
A little tease for you all.  Cometh the morrow cometh the new month of high summer and as I promised we will have a new Early Support Offer on Thursday release day this week.  The picture in this post gives the game away really since it shows one of the new codes that will be put up at 25% off list for two weeks. Following up on the success of the Adder Combat Cars and the emails that began almost instantly for hover or floating versions we have the Adder Combat Lifters.

If that just made your day then when I tell you that there will be four different types of Adder Combat Lifter and a Smashed version too...well that will just put you over the edge of a 15mm science fiction space opera smile.

Smashed Adder Combat Lifter surrounded by Nox Troopers
Finally today is your last chance to get IMP10 Malig Tank Ace for free in any order so if you want him then place your order before 9am GMT on 1st July before I show you the new free miniature the same day. HERE. Even after four weeks of looking at it on my desk it still cracks me up!

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