Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Huggable's Hab Domes - The League of Yordan

Hab Domes in Yordan League colours
Huggable's unique battle damaged Dome in Yordan colours
Back during the October Early Support Offer on the IAF015 Hab Dome, which you can find on the Ion Age website, one of our customers got a special and unique gift.  Huggable placed an ESO order and during product stress testing Sam Croes knocked the hell out of a Hab Dome to check the quality of the production run.  

It took a great amount of effort to damage the dome to the state the pictures show which I take as a testament to the quality not only of the raw materials we use (high quality resin only for us!) and of the design too.  Its a tough little structure.  There are IonFan's asking for a 'cratered dome' and this makes me think we will have to purpose design it as doing it yourself at home would be very demanding. 

This dome was given free to Huggable and she promised to send us they are!

The pictures are very nice and these are the first Marcher Baron livery scheme Seorc Habitation Domes that I have seen so its good to share. Enjoy and all comments are welcome.

Well done Huggable!


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  1. It was almost as much fun to paint as I'm sure Sam had smashing it up. Thanks guys x