Wednesday 6 November 2013

Patrol Angis Week 6 Round Up - End of Playtest

Canlaster Retained Post advance on Prydians!
Khanate play Peek a Boo with a Havelock!
Its the end an era...well its the end of the six weeks of playtesting for the grand group that has the honour to be playtesting Patrol Angis.  This week everyone reported in but there will not a lot of pictures or questions asked since all of us are now happy with the rules.  What is good, what needs work, what can be added.

You can check out the previous playtest results posts on this blog.  Week Five, Week Four, Week Three, Week Two and Week One by clicking the links.  Its been a grand experience and I have enjoyed it a lot. While the core mechanics of PA made it through the grinder almost intact there will be changes made as a group result of the testing.  I think the game will be all the better for it and all IonFans now and in the future will benefit from these six weeks of glory.  Remember all the Anvil 888 fun?

I do have some pictures and a little tale for you.  From Huggable and also Ian Hoffman who has given us a lot of excellent images to explore during the testing period.  I included the tale so that Ian's pictures are of more sense...happy Halloween..a few days late...but hey we all do our best.

Huggable's Solo Play Set up Week 6
Huggable's Yordan Retained in the thick of it!
"Tales told around a campfire or holo-cube change with the telling. The story of the Knight of the Dead is one such tale, and with each re-telling it grows in complexity and mystery. Some call him the Star-Wraith, and hint that he is older even than the original designers of the black Alwite armour he wears. Others say that he was first seen when the arch-traitor Hugo Sevaris opened the Matter Gateway on Carmarthen, allowing the Shia Khan to return to the Prydian Precinct. Hugo's head was the only part of him to return to human space through the Gateway, and it is whispered by some that the Knight of the Dead was his executioner. This would make the Knight the only man alive to have seen the worlds of the Shia Khan, that is if he can even be said to be a 'man' or, indeed, 'alive'! The Knight, it is said, adheres in his own way to the Code Gallant. In particular he is thought to concern himself with the punishment of traitors and oath-breakers. Those humans who have abandoned their fealty to the Aeddan and instead pledged their allegiance to the Shia Khan - humans now universally known as Betrayers - no doubt tell their own tales of the Knight when they gather in their encampments, and they surely check their weapons and glance around more carefully than usual when they think of the stories they have heard. Who knows - perhaps the tales are true, and even as we speak of him the Knight of the Dead has tracked his prey to a remote area where they will surely meet their doom..."

I would like to finish with two points.  Firstly that I extend my whole hearted thanks to everyone involved.  I know it took a lot of my time every week and I must have typed fifty thousand words of replies but I make my living from this and all you fellows do it for fun so your time is greatly valued.  Thank you for your input, your comments, your criticisms and your joy and enthusiasm for Patrol Angis.  Your rewards will be given to you upon pre-release as promised.  Secondly there will be further smaller bolt on's for Patrol Angis as time passes for expansions to the first title...I would welcome your help for this so if you are keen do let me know.

See you all next year on the battlefields of the Prydian Civil War and then against The Shia Khan and then..well that would be telling. 


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