Friday, 15 November 2013

The Monthly Free Miniature...for sale as well as for free

"Dear Ion Age can I buy one of those dead knights?"

"I loved that knight of the dead free in my order, can I ask for another.  I will pay for it!"

"Giving me stuff free is cool but I want more than one.  How much?"

Over the last few weeks I have had a number of emails and messages from IonFans and also wargamers who have not purchased from us asking if they can buy the current and previous monthly free miniature.  They all know that they get one of the current miniature in their package automatically but all of these wargamers either don't want anything else (they want IMP03 Knight of the Dead as its kooky) or they want five of a certain miniature (IMP02 Retained with Bionic Fist) for their forces.

Now I replied to all of these messages stating that the monthly free miniature would only ever be available for the month of its announcement and then it would be gone forever.  Those were our terms and they would not be changed.  But several people replied again and stated that they would like to buy the miniature and since it was within the month that would surely be ok.  I had to muse on this and I have.

With the end of the Havelock early supporter offers, each of them with an IMP03 miniature freely included, and sacks of packages going out the door yesterday I talked it over with the everyone and we made a decision.

Starting from today, but not retrospectively, we will be selling the monthly free miniature on the website.  All orders will continue to get one free miniature but customers will be free to also order additional casts of the current free miniature if they wish.  The miniature will be priced as a limited code. 

IMP03 Knight of the Dead is now online and is only listed on the front page of the site in new releases.  It will vanish on 1st December to be replaced by...well you will see.

I think this is the right choice.  It does not compromise the essence of the collectable and special aspects of the IMP series.  They are still only here for one month each and then gone but now you can have as many of them as you want.

Thanks for Reading.


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