Thursday 28 November 2013

IAF024 Fabricator Spire released!

IAF024 Fabricator Spire during Patrol Angis playtesting
“I was glad that day that the Prydian Army used the same Moth Type 12 Launcher that we did.  A civil war has a few benefits eh!  We had been getting shot up real bad by the enemy and I was down to just three amour piercing rounds when a damn miracle just dropped out of that yellow tinted sky.  I am sure they got their co-ords wrong or some such thing, it was a brutal day, but we thought that the Bantam Platforms sailing over our heads were gonna' rain fire on us but instead they hovered and then dropped three fabricators!”

“I told my lads to hold off shooting at those Bantams.  I was so surprised.  Could they not see we were blue and not white?  Apparently not.  The three spires were in our midst and too far from the Prydian Retained for them to make a take on them.  Now I used to be a 'fabman' back on Durwent II where we were raised and I know how fabricators work. These ones were all set up and loaded for ammunition.  I keyed the sequence for Moth and then for the Type 12 and after I got a stack of AP and HE dropped at my feet I set all of them on 9mm Type 6 for the rifles and let them run and run.”

“The day went well for us after that.  Turned out the 'tiny whities' were just as short as us and since we now had all the bullets we could use they just turned tail and ran.  So much for the Code Gallant the Retained are always harking on about.  They showed us their backs all right!”  

Emeritas Joe Hullet, Baron Felto Drake's Regiment, League of Canlaster.  Altogran IV.  4326IC

IA024 Front
IAF024 Rear
IAF024 Fabricator Spire
During battle or just in times of need portable Fabricator Spires are left or dropped into place by military and or civilian authorities.  Their task is simple and at the same time magical to some more primitive peoples...they make something from nothing.  Those in the know realise that is not really something for nothing, the fabricator gathers energy in its spire and uses that power to convert contained solid blocks of matter into objects.  In battle fabricators make ammunition for common weapon types upon request from alloys they hold.  The Fabricator Spire stands 42mm tall and has a request console on its front for data input.  It is a one piece high quality grey tone resin casting. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as a single or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page.  

The range of Ion Age 15mm Terrain has other pieces in it which go well with this smaller piece to populate your science fiction wargames table.  First amongst these is the IAF015 Hab Dome which has several Top Mounts for it including sentry gun and comms spire.  There is also the IAF023 Fallen Havelock Battlesuit which can be used as a casualty marker (for the IAF020 Havelock miniature) or a terrain piece in its own right.  Have a look next time you are on The Ion Age website.

Information Burst!
The bell tolls.  If you want an  IMP03 Knight of the Dead miniature, free in all orders, as well as purchasable on its own (see new releases on front page of the site) you only have a few days left. IMP03 will vanish forever as of 1st December when it will be retired and replaced.  Don't email us and complain you missed it once its gone!  We had an excellent response to our first week on The Miniatures Page as an advertiser off the back of the excellent IAF018 Legionary 3rd Tesseran pack; thanks all of you.    We will be continuing the weekly release schedule through the winter with only a small break for Christmas. Remember when you place an order with us you will be prompted to join the loyalty scheme which will earn you Reward Points on all purchases which can, once accumulated, be redeemed for discounts and special miniatures.

Ion Access Port
Following up on Sam Croes first painting article for the Croes Nest series here on the blog I will be putting up the first article in the Ion Access Port series soon.  Ion Access Port provides game universe information and the subject on the press just now is 'Fabricators in the Ion Age'.  

Thanks for your Time.


May 2019 and The Ion Age has been taken back into Alternative Armies.  It continues with new releases into the future!  Go to Alternative Armies for Ion Age pages of the 15mm Range the 15mm Terrain Range the 28mm Range the Publications range and the Free Downloads collection too for the latest.  All links to the ion age site are now defunct sorry!  If you wish to see something or ask a question email me on  GBS

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