Saturday, 21 September 2013

Brian Turner's IAF006 Legionary 1st Tesseran Painted

I have great pleasure in sharing with you all the first wargamer painted photos of IAF006 Legionary 1st Tesseran.  Legionaries of the Shia Khan Empire as painted by Brian Turner.  Brian is a keen Ion Age painter who have done lovely work on Muster as well and he plans to move on to Retained Knights soon.

Here are some pictures of Brian's Legionaries:

Legionary with Juno, Officer with Cupid, Legionary with Juno
Four Legionaries with Juno
Review view of Legionaries with Juno
Brian has chosen a bright red tunic and sky blue trousers for his Legionaries along with a white helmet and bare flesh hands.  This is a contrast to Sam Croes painting of the same miniatures on the Ion Age website where a blood red all in one suit along with a dark silver helmet and blackened gloves are depicted.

There are many, many Legions active in Camarthan space and who knows what the name of these fellows is? We know they are not the Styx Legion or the Cereberus Legion but... Are they are Cyclopes Legion or the Hydra Legion or perhaps even the Chimera Legion?  

If you have painted or converted Ion Age miniatures send us an EMAIL and some pictures.  We would be honoured to show them off here.

Well done Brian!


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