Friday, 6 September 2013

Pages on Prydian Army, Marcher Barons and Khanate Empire added!

Eat This!  Artwork by Edward Jackson
A week or so ago as part of the Questions Answered post on this very blog I was asked by some IonFans if I could add some pages to the blog giving an introduction to the 'big three' that currently make up the fiction of The Ion Age.  I said...Sure thing!

Well its now done and if you look at the top of the blog you will see three pages next to the home page.  The Prydian Army which tells you a very short background to the red and white forces that are attempting to win the civil war and keep off the Khanate.  Secondly the Marcher Barons, those nobles of Prydia who rebelled and are involved in the Leagues fighting the civil war.  Lastly the Shia Khan Empire whose return to Human space after a millenia has sparked off a new war entirely.

Each of these pages contains text and images too of 15mm miniatures from our ranges and I will update the pages each time a release is made which suits a page.  There will be a number of updates of pictures!

Enjoy the read.

Email me directly if you have any questions about your Ion Age miniatures and or the gaming universe.  I am always happy to help.


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