Monday, 16 September 2013

Hablas Inglés? Te gusta el Ion Age?

Do you speak Spanish?  Do you love The Ion Age?

Well we have one big fan in Spain who does.  Slorm has posted a translation of this blog's page on The Prydian Army into his native Spanish.  If you want to visit him to read it then please do so and if you want to read it in English then go ahead.

One of the best things about wargaming is the sense of global community that it gives with players of many nations and languages happily reading, painting, playing the same games.  I have seen it done many times for Flintloque and for USEME as well.



  1. If there will be enough interest (if I can get the local community to play something which isn't WH40K/WHF/LotR/WM/H), I'm willing to translate some of the basic Ion Age stuff to Hebrew as well...

    1. Hello Omer,

      That is a most interesting and kind offer. Once Patrol Angis is nearer release I will ask you about it. Perhaps if the Ion Age is in Hebrew it would encourage them to to widen their horizons.