Monday, 9 September 2013

Patrol Angis - Play Test Announcement

Prydian Army Retained Demi under fire!
The entry period for applying to the Patrol Angis play testers is now over.  I am emailing every single person who applied and I have informed each of them if they were successful in securing one of the limited slots for the testing.  Apologies to those who were not successful as I had to limit the slots to just twenty places.

At this time I would like to thank everyone who applied and tell you all that I will have more playtesting for expansions in the future and you will be in a 'round robin' about it first.

All of the Patrol Angis play testing will be done remotely and by email with digital files and no physical posting / mailing of any materials by myself or by those doing the testing.  No cost will be incurred by the testers other than their time.

On September 23rd 2013 a message will be sent to the play test group with a link in it to download the testers pack!

This pack will include:
  • Covering Datasheet - outlining the testing and what is to happen.
  • Patrol Angis Rules - core rules with diagrams. 
  • Solo Play Rules - Test Draft.
  • Sheet of Counters and Roster.
  • Stats Sheets for Troops and Weapons.
  • Results Form and Procedure.
Playtesting will run from September 23rd 2013 until November 4th 2013 in those six weeks all games must be played and results sent in.  During this time results can be emailed and questions asked with a 'Yes' or 'No' answer preferred.

There will be full details in the pack about the requirements of the testing.  Those who complete the testing will be rewarded with fame and bribery!

There will be updates on the blog as to the progress of the testing about once a week which hopefully will also include images that I can re-construct from questions and reports.


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