Wednesday 23 May 2018

IAF080 SuperBlue Adder tank killer released

A later addition to the wide and growing Adder series of light combat hulls the Type 07 SuperBlue was commissioned in 4312IC at the New Glastronbury Targa works with the express purpose of being the best of its peer group. This mission was largely successful due to the extra effort put into its construction the care and time over and above the norm.  Four tons heavier than the regulation twenty standard of the Adder series it was given a smaller than usual and expensive construct of the Podkletnov Gravity Protective Scute (PGPS) repulsar drive making the Type 07 Adder very nimble at considerable cost.  Titanium Alloy armour upped from 4mm to 7mm around the rigid fabricated frame increased survival rates against incoming projectile and energy based weaponry by more than forty percent.  The Type 07A is armed with a Valerin MkII 15Mw Laser Cannon with doubled heat dissipation coils allowing a more rapid rate of sustained fire against armoured targets without the weight of ammunition storage.  This makes it a lethal enemy for Battlesuits and other light vehicles.  SuperBlue's are crewed by two with a driver and a gunner being the norm.  There is space in the vehicle for two more regular equipped soldiers or up to four at a push.  There are several more unusual variants of the SuperBlue including the artillery support, the 07B which has twin Anda 60mm Missile Pods and the 07C which mounts twin Moth 88 rotary cannons however the 07P is the most experimental.  It mounts a temperamental Hermit 71mm rapid fire plasma cannon with the passenger compartment given over to equipment to deal with the strain of the weapon.  The majority of the SuperBlue's in active service are deployed with regular Muster Regiments fighting across the Precinct and there are smaller numbers of the Type 07 present in the armouries of the Marcher Barons too.  Diodine Sparrow of the Quarrel Company has four dozen at his personal command he rates them so highly and used them to great effect during the Campaign for the Hadadan Statues.
Academy Auto-Trainer Series 52, New Glastonbury, 4335IC

The time has now come for the super star of the Adder light vehicles to be released in its second new incarnation.  This is our final release of May 2018..  Able to kick the ass of any other Adder and give Mullo's a run for their money too the SuperBlue is a hunter of armour on the battlefield typically travelling in three's they can even take on a Taranis too...maybe!  This 2.0 version has the same game stats and it is about 80% the same as the original but it now resembles its larger brethren more closely which was our aim.  Designed by Sam Croes.  Go HERE or read on for more information.

IAF080 SuperBlue Adder (1 Repulsar Vehicle Kit)
This pack contains one resin 15mm scale vehicle which requires assembly.  This is a unique Adder variant which has repulsar drive (anti-gravity) giving it excellent speed and agility as well as thicker armour and a powerful Valerin Laser Cannon for accuracy and armour killing ability.  Crewed by the best Muster pilots around the SuperBlue is an armour hunter that can operate on its own or in squadrons taking out larger vehicles.  Codename SuperBlue.

Assembled this model is 65mm long and 45mm wide at its widest point.  Assembled this model is 65mm long and 45mm wide at its widest point. The kit comprises a two piece hull as well as a left and right engine plus one piece a one piece turret with weapon and a base to mount the vehicle upon that takes it 5mm off the table. This code can be bought as a pack or three packs saving 10%.  Price 5.00GBP per pack.  Go HERE.

A Hab Dome and a Smashed Hab Dome around a pilot rushing for his SuperBlue

At The Ion Age we have three types of Adder with a dozen different vehicles some wheeled, some lifter and of course the repulsar SuperBlue!

The family of repulsar Prydian vehicles.  Taranis, Mullo and SuperBlue!

Acting as fast recon and cover this SuperBlue lines up alongside a Tohlic Armoured Crawler

We have many other Adders as well.  Go HERE to see the Adder Combat Cars and the Adder Combat Lifters.  There are a dozen different variants with chain gun, rail gun, missile rack, laser cannon and communications types.  Excellent light 15mm scale vehicles for any setting at a superb price.

That is it from us in May and we will see you in June with more new awesome and articles.  Enjoy your wargaming and remember you get Reward Points on your orders with us which can be used for future discounts and free things.  Learn more on our website.

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