Friday 4 May 2018

IAF147 Cold Climes Gun Crew released!

Now released the second new code of the month from The Ion Age and it is a small but important pack for players of Planetary Militia who are taking on the Khanate or the Prang or Marcher Barons in frozen lands of any planet; The Cold Climes Gun Crew!  Two miniatures to control and load a portable weapon platform such as the Espaten with its anti-gravity or tracked motive units or the tow bar equipped and wheeled Amber platform.  See the Prydian Army page HERE.

“Illuminated in a dull orange light the fast moving Beotans were tracked by the linked vision enhancer which passed its data to the control box that oversaw the Moth 88 cannon.  Reticules appeared around the thirty of the bestial creatures and the gunner toggled the engage stud under its safety cover atop the box.  The vision enhancer continued to track the aliens as a hail of 11mm belt fed rounds flew from the twin barrels of the cannon.  Eleven of the Beotans collapsed to the snow missing heads, legs and other body parts and another howled as its right arm was shredded along with the Mia Mpi it was holding.  The remaining aliens continued to close with the troopers faster than any man could ever hope to run.  Behind the Amber Platform the driver of the Hazelwurm which had towed the wheeled cannon and transported its gunners climbed out of his combat car and opened fire with a Moth Type 6 Rifle managing to down one more Beotan.  As the cannon continued to track and fire the rest of the 8th and 6th platoons began to arrive in their carriers and added their own weight to holding the position. A lot more black furred aliens were coming and there were only sixteen hundred rounds left in the feed hopper of the cannon.  This would be a long day.”
Near Gadda, Southern Wastes, Camarthen Prime 4330 IC

IAF147 Cold Climes Amber Gun Crew
This pack contains two 15mm scale white metal miniatures in different poses. Two Planetary Militia Cold Climes Troopers with the first using vision enhancer to sight targets and the second armed with Moth Type 6 Rifle and with the remote control box for the Amber Portable Weapon. Combine these portable weapon crew miniatures with the IAF073 Amber Portable Weapon or the IAF064 Espaten Portable Weapon Platforms.  You can choose a pack or Three Packs saving 10% or single poses from the pack. Go HERE.  Price 1.00GBP

This new pack goes alongside the 15mm scale Cold Climes Platoon pack as well as transports such as the Hazelwurm Patrol Car and the Colabreta Carriers which they use to get into the fight plus the massive Tohlic Armoured Crawler.  You can find these on the Prydian Army page and the Prydian Vehicles page.

Those who play Patrol Angis can find out all about the Cold Climes Militia in the third book in the series The Khanate Return.  See the books in print and as downloads on our 15mm Publications page.

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