Thursday, 29 August 2013

IAF007 Canthus Monocycle Set Released!

With what we know now the loss of the Brightening Star should not have happened but then we were only beginning once more to face an enemy that our long dead forefathers had through banished forever.  The Fleet did not arrive in Camarthen space for many months after the loss of the Belkus Labyrinth.  It took time to gather the knights and their musters while thinking always of the threat posed by the Marcher Barons.  But we did not stand idle.  Perhaps we should have.  Lectus Bowar led his retinue of a hundred Starvaulters and fifty thousand of Prydia on a rapid strike again the fledgling Khanate. The Brightening Star was one of forty Cassillis class Portable Castles that landed in the vicinity of the ruins of Pelcan city.   She was not the only one lost but she was prime in the failure of the containment campaign.

The few survivors of Bower's task force tell of the Brightening Star being taken by surprise by elements of the Styx Legion.   Several Tesserans of Canthus pattern monocycles powered straight up the Star's foremost sallying ramp and into her belly soon after landing.  Most were obliterated by Angis fire but one must have reached the fore Hurwent generator and detonated against it.  Cowardly but it worked.  The Brightening Star became her very name for an instant as the generator went critical.  Only those outside scouting survived the blast.  Bowar vanished along with his flagship and it set the campaign back badly.  The Canthus should not be underestimated and it will not be again.

As of Lectus Bowar no one has seen him in the last two years but like all of Princess Cyon's closest he is no mere man.  He will have survived.  He will rise once more in flame and rage.
Knight General Obermann.  Fleet Command.  4331IC

IAF007 Front View
IAF007 Rear View
IAF007 Canthus Monocycle Pack
Within the Legions of the Shia Khan Empire there are many troops but few move as quickly as those who ride upon the Cathus Monocycle.  Used for rapid strikes into the heart of human forces the Canthus riders are taken from the most reactive of the Legionaries.  Able to operate on foot as well as on their mounts the Cathus is armed with a modified Juno laser rifle mount and the rider carries a Cupid pistol.  A Tesseran of Canthus cycles is often deployed alongside Pioneers to scout ahead of them.  With this set you can depict the Canthus in action or idle or the rider on foot for maximum flexibility.

We are delighted to release the second Ion Age code for the 15mm scale Khanate Legions; the Canthus Monocycle.  Code IAF007 contains three white metal miniatures which are the Canthus with Legionary Rider, the Legionary Rider on Foot and the Monocycle with no rider.  This means you can field your Canthus with great flexibility and three different modes.   As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Go HERE.  Price 5.00GBP per pack.

IAF006 Front View
IAF006 Rear View
IAF006 Legionary 1st Tesseran 
The Khanate have returned and they are doing it in a whole new scale of white metal miniatures.  We are proud to announce the release of the first of many 15mm scale Shia Khan Legion packs with IAF006.  Eight different brand new miniatures dressed in reactive glimmer suits and self contained breather systems with auto aid ability.  Seven legion Discens (privates) armed with the typical Juno 2kw laser rifle and an Ordo (officer) armed with a Cupid 0.5kw laser pistol.  As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Go HERE.  Price 4.00GBP per pack.

Information Burst!
Thanks for your attention in this Ion Age notice.  On top of this week's awesome new release bringing the Khanate some speed on the ground we would like to remind you that every order placed automatically gets the current free unique miniature (IMP01 15mm Kneeling Retained Knight to be retired on 30th September 2013) included and that in signing up with the website you will earn Reward Points on all purchases.  Reward Points can be redeemed once accumulated for discounts on orders or special miniatures. 


The Ion Age on Wargames Buzz with Gary Mitchell

Gary Mitchell the Voice of Wargaming
When the Ion Age launched (only a week or so ago but it seems like an age already!) my good friend Gary Mitchell dropped me a line and wished us all luck with this new space opera adventure.  He also said he would put us in print in his regular Wargames Buzz column on his website.  And he has!

Those of you in the UK and perhaps abroad will remember that Gary used to be the writer of the excellent Darker Horizons column that ran in Miniature Wargames magazine.  Sadly the changing of hands for the magazine meant no more employment in this regard for Gary or the then editor Andrew Hubback (top bloke) and the removal of almost all of the science fiction from its pages.

Gary has an excellent online place which is well worth bookmarking and visiting.  It concerns wargaming but also his whole life, writings, musings and more.  He also does a monthly wargaming PDF blog from there called 'Shiela Tacku' which is hosted on his site.  Its a fine read much like the Darker Horizon's column of old.  Issue Seven feauring The Ion Age can be opened in Acrobat Reader by clicking the link. 

Keep up the good work mate!


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wargames News and Terrain welcomes The Ion Age

The Khanate Return on Wargame News and Terrain
Earlier this week I came across an excellent news blog being operated in Europe so I sent its owner an email and told him about The Ion Age.  He was delighted to hear from me and suggested that we begin sending news articles to him so that his readers could learn more about the awesome that is The Ion Age.

Wargames News and Terrain blog is updated regularly with interesting news and also more such as product reviews and tutorials for wargaming.  They even offer a custom terrain making service.  Busy indeed.

It is well worth following this blog and browsing its back catalogue of postings and articles.  I did and there is a lot to see.


Saturday, 24 August 2013

Is this your Flit Car sir?

Trading in illegal goods is common....The Muster stop a driver who might be guilty?
An impounded Hover Van sits next to the driver's Flit Car.  Its owner already detained.
A couple of jolly pictures for you to look at in celebration of getting its, and by extension soon to be our, resin plant up and operational.  The plan is to get every classic Laserburn vehicle out of white metal and into resin production.  They began this releasing the vehicles in the above images with the V101 Flit Car (in red) and the V103 Hover Van (in white). Although near thirty years old these designs still hold up and still look awesome.

The Muster are from IAF003 1st Squad over on the Ion Age website.

Let's hope he has his drivers licence in his pocket!


Friday, 23 August 2013

IAF005 Balthazar and Jerome

Hi IonFans!

The Ion Age is now live and launched and in that launch message mention was made of IAF005 Balthazar and Jerome sculpted by Sam Croes.  You might have missed it among all the awesomeness that was afoot in the moment.  But fear not as this post will give you something more about these two excellent miniatures.

Below you can see images of this pack and as normal for IonFans they can be had as a pack or as singles or in multiples for a saving.  Find them on the website here.

Angis Pistol in hand Baron Balthazar Fulcrum advances to meet the foe while his trusted aide and companion David Jerome keeps him up to speed with all of the latest campaign events.  Senior in the command structure of the 43rd Knightly Regiment of Prydia the pair have seen action recently at the Zanzibar Breakers Rebellion and now are stationed aboard the Tumult Grave portable castle with the rest of the 43rd KRP.  The Tumult Grave is heading in system for Carmarthen IV part of the fleet sent as a result of this transmission:

"A matter gateway is active on Camarthen IV. Losses are mounting, send everything; everyone.  Send them now.  The Khanate have returned."     

They are among the bravest that Prydia can offer...will it be enough though against an ancient and unknowable enemy?


Thursday, 22 August 2013

IAF006 Legionary 1st Tesseran released! The Khanate Return!

Hi Ion Fans!

Here is the news for this week for The Ion Age.  See below.  Also click on the link to join our mailing list for more news and note that from now on ALL 15mm releases will be brand new miniatures.  The Ion Age is set to grow and those of you who already have big collections of Retained Knights and Muster...well you will get some sizable reenforcements real soon and for now the brand new 15mm Khanate Legion first pack is here!  The Khanate have Returned!


A thousand years ago the Ban of Prejudice was lifted when in the climactic battle for Aldan IV the accursed Templars detonated the Aldan Crucible and in doing so created a both a dark age and the end of the Great Khanate War. Their matter gateway in the Aldan system destroyed the Shia Khan Empire had no easy way to reach the worlds that became the Prydian Precinct as their empire lay so far away that no Dragon Ship could navigate to that region of space without immense difficulty. Gradually the Shia Khan became a memory and then a legend held by folk as a tale and nothing more. Had it not been for the occasional wreak and discovery of artefacts they would have remained that way. Had it not been for Hugo Sevaris the Khanate would have faded away. But Sevaris became the most notorious traitor in human history when he used arcane knowledge to activate the matter gateway in the Camarthen star system.

Despite a desperate action in the deep Belkus Labyrinth the Camarthen Planetary Militia with the aid of the few hundred Retained Knights of Prydia on the planet could not stem a tide of Shia Khan troops which emerged from the purple light of the matter gateway. A civilian fusion reactor taken from a nearby city was detonated and the Belkus Labyrinth destroyed burying the gateway and those coming from it under hundreds of feet of stone and earth. A message was sent to New Glastonbury at the fastest possible speed.

"A matter gateway is active on Camarthen IV. Losses are mounting, send everything; everyone. Send them now. The Khanate have returned." 

It did not take long for the Legions of the Shia Khan Empire to dig their way to the surface and begin once more their determined drive to conquer mankind.

Knight General Obermann. Fleet Command. 4329IC

IAF006 Legionary 1st Tesseran
The Khanate have returned and they are doing it in a whole new scale of white metal miniatures. We are proud to announce the release of the first of many 15mm scale Shia Khan Legion packs with IAF006. Eight different brand new miniatures dressed in reactive glimmer suits and self contained breather systems with auto aid ability. Seven legion Discens (privates) armed with the typical Juno 2kw laser rifle and an Ordo (officer) armed with a Cupid 0.5kw laser pistol. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Go HERE. Price 4.00GBP per pack.

AIAF01 The Nox
Re-molded from the original HOF range comes four white metal 15mm miniatures for the Nox, elite power armoured troops of the Shia Khan Empire. Four different miniatures dressed in powered Segmentan armour with self contained breather systems and auto aid ability. An Ordo (officer) armed with Flora 30mm grenade gun and three Discens (privates) armed with Janus Blast Gun or Flora grenade guns. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Go HERE. Price 2.00GBP per pack.

AIAF02 The Maligs
Re-molded from the original HOF range comes six white metal 15mm miniatures for the Maligs verminous and expendable Goblin slave troops of the Shia Khan Empire. Six different miniatures dressed in quilted metallic weave armour and steel helmets. All are armed with various marks of long arm Maia 9.6mm Mpi a not often issued variant of the standard Legion Maia. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Go HERE. Price 3.00GBP per pack.

Information Burst!
Thanks for your attention in this Ion Age notice. On top of this week's awesome new release and archive codes bringing the Khanate back to Prydian Space we would like to remind you that every order placed automatically gets the current free unique miniature (IMP01 15mm Kneeling Retained Knight to be retired on 30th September 2013) included and that in signing up with the website you will earn Reward Points on all purchases. Reward Points can be redeemed once accumulated for discounts on orders or special miniatures.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Customer Questions about the Ion Age

A Musterman in the sights. Artwork by Edward Jackson
Hi IonFans!

Wow!  What a start to the new journey of The Ion Age it has been over the last three days.  First off I would like to thank all of you who have visited the site and this blog, who have placed orders, who have blogged and tweeted and so on about it plus of course Sam, Chris, Eli, Bob, Bob (again), Chuck, Robbie, Dave, Sid, Jim B, Paul, Vandal and the rest for the personal touches online.

I have been answering email though our domain since Hour 0 and in the course of this several questions have popped up again and again so I thought a posting here would help wargamers out and inform you all before you have to ask.  Don't get me wrong I love answering email but my fingers are sore from typing!  Here we go:

The Cart and Checkout Process
Some customers have been asking about the checkout process.  Why, when they put items in their cart they then checkout and no postage / shipping is shown against the order?  The answer is that this is the way our cart software functions.  Place items in your cart as normal and then when ready proceed to checkout, enter your paypal password and then once your account connects with our website you will be promoted to return to the Ion Age cart screen where you select your postage option (which is either a flat 5.00GBP worldwide per order charge or free worldwide if 75.00GBP or more of product value) once this selection is made the screen will show you the final order, all products including the shipping.  Click pay and there you go!

Buying Three Packs and Saving 10%
A couple of customers have asked 'how do I get my 10% when selecting to buy three of the same pack from the drop down menu attached to the product?'.  The answer is that you do!  All products on our website offer the choice of single pack purchase or single pose from the pack or three packs saving 10%.  Selecting the three packs option from the list of choices will automatically show you the price of three packs with ten percent deducted right there on the screen.  You need do nothing but select it and add to cart.  The saving is already applied.

The Free Unique Miniature
This is a common question.  Perhaps its cynical of me but a lot of customers have followed their order with an email asking 'will I get the free miniature, do I qualify, don't forget me' as if free does not always mean just that.  Well in answer.  Free means free for The Ion Age.  Any order placed will get one casting of the current free unique miniature added to it automatically.  In fact we have a box of them sitting ready to pop into packages going out.  Place an order and get the limited time offer free unique miniature...every single order, every single time.

Do I need an Account to place an Order?
Yes.  You do.  I know its a wee pain in the rear to create an account but it only takes a minute and once you have not only do you not need to manually enter your address again you also more importantly start earning Reward Points.  Every 1.00GBP spent with us gets you 10 Points and those points can be used against discounts and free miniatures once you have enough accumulated.   You must have an account to order and you have to sign in when on the website.

Should I click the Mailchimp subscribe box on the website footer and or here on the blog?
Either!  I do suggest you join our mailing list.  Each week we will be sending out an email through it with the latest news which, while elements will appear here on the blog or on the website only in the email will the full details and any offers be included.  So sign up and we promise that every email you get will be 100% Ion Age goodness in 15mm and 28mm scale with no filler!

If you have any question about the Ion Age website or this blog make a comment on this post or email us directly and I will reply to you.


Dropship Horizon Blog welcomes The Ion Age!

DSH Blog this morning
Hi IonFans!

Those of you who have followed my personal website or comments on Dropship Horizon blog will know that I think Dropship is the finest place on the web for purely 15mm science fiction news from the wargame industry.  Cool and objective its commentary have influenced my own wargaming purchases as well as those of thousands of others.

Thanks to Chris K, one of the core Dropship Horizon Team, for his introductory post on the blog announcing the arrival of The Ion Age back in the world.  This morning he told me that the posting there has had a high number of hits and certainly the click through to this blog would suggest a lot of wargamers are keen on learning more.

More is what they will learn...beginning upon the ancient enemy returns to the Prydian Precinct. I am sure Dropship Horizon blog will faithfully report this and everything that follows from there.

If you do not know of the blog then follow the link in this posting and check it out.  Its well, well worth your time.


Monday, 19 August 2013

The Ion Age launch in the words of Sam Croes

Hi IonFans!

A quick posting for you.  Go along to our lead designer Sam Croes personal blog for his take on the Ion Age and the launch of the website today.

Welcome indeed to our universe!
Sam is a very talented fellow and as well as the super artwork he has created for the Ion Age he is also the sculptor of its new 15mm miniatures.  More on that later this week!


Launch Day is Here - The Ion Age is live!

It is launch day!  Here is a copy with images of the message going out to more than five thousand wargamers worldwide today - GBS

'This galaxy has decided to gorge upon itself, to consume its vitality once more in pointless slaughter that will see those left afterwards little more than mono-planet atom burners. Well, its not going to happen, not again. My father, your king, died for the dream that Prydia held dear and in two decades of civil war we here also have nearly lost that promise of freedom we hold equally dear. We will all have that freedom again mark me, the Barons will pay and those beings not of mankind that are even now forcing open the doors will be thrown back to the Anwnn where they came from. Prydia will rise once more and I will, with the aid of the Starvaulters, make it happen.'
Princess Daphe Cyon address to the Council of Aeddans 4330IC

IAF005 Balthazar and Jerome
Today is a special day for it is today that Alternative Armies and would like to announce to all of their lovely customers and fans that there is a new baby in our brand family and its name is . Its a little chap just now but its gonna grow real fast and if you are a fan of science fiction miniature wargaming with a focus on Space Opera and heroic style rather than a trend of re-hashing a grim and repetitively bland future then The Ion Age is for you.

Ever since Gavin Syme first played the original Ion Age game 'Firefight' back in the 1990's he has wanted to put The Ion Age back where it belonged, front and centre, back where it was in the early 1990's with Alternative Armies. Its taken time and a lot of effort but the moment is now here. Releases and surprises are lined up, rewards and specials all arranged, a rule system in the play test stage. Not only in the popular 28mm scale but also in the booming15mm scale too. A thousand years after the Ban of Prejudice saw the end of the first Khanate War now the Prydian Precinct stands torn by civil war and the once more looming threat of the return of the Khanate. The Prydian Army is now united and led by the beautiful Princess Cyon and it is embattled all around. To whom will go victory in this thrilling universe?

Every wargaming brand stands by its miniatures and its artwork and we have our lead designer Sam Croes heading up a stream of releases that will make you grin from ear to ear. We have taken the Ion Age codes from the original HOF range and formed them into the IAF series where we promise that no code will EVER have any doubles in it. That's right every miniature in every pack is different. Each week we will be expanding the Ion Age with a new 15mm release beginning with two releases this very week. Each release can be bought as a pack or as singles or in multiple packs with a saving; total choice for you.

In addition to our new website we have an official blog for all the latest Ion Age happenings. Go along and have a look at . . In fact sign up to follow it so you are never behind on the news. We also have a weekly newsletter which will be coming out through our partnership with Mailchimp; you can find a link to sign up for this on the footer of the website or at the top of the blog. Email or Blog or both take your pick for the story of The Ion Age.

Each month we will be giving a free miniature away automatically, one for each and every order placed. This miniature is unique and will NEVER be sold in any form or seen again once its time runs out. The first miniature is now online, see it on the front page of website, a kneeling Retained Knight deep in thought before battle. It will be the current miniature until the end of September (because it would be unfair it for only for the remainder of this month eh!) and then another will take its place.

Not enough for you eh? well here is something else that we at The Ion Age can offer you. A Rewards Programme! When you place an order on our website you will be signed up for the free programme and points will be credit to you to the value of your purchase. As your points grow then you can redeem them any time for a discount or special Rewards Programme miniatures. At the moment you can get 5% off or 10% off orders or the special Patrol Angis Vignette pack with your points. When you sign up you will get full details and the current offers for points.

We begin with the existing Ion Age miniature range on the website but today we have our first brand new release IAF005 Balthazar and Jerome a two miniature 15mm personality pack depicting a noble Retained Knight and his loyal varlet. Great for leading any 15mm force in the Prydian Army or the ranks of any Marcher Baron. Go along and check out these new miniatures now! 
Promo One - Free Miniature Until 30th September
Well that is it for our virtual hello and handshake we hope you decide to check us out and like what you see. In fact drop us an email on if you have any questions. But don't despair because seeing as how it's launch week we have to things left to say. Firstly since we are great guys we are going to stick a couple of extra free miniatures in every order for free until the end of August and secondly our next release will be something that has been on the top of many Ion Age wargamers for years for sculpting in 15mm scale....something our website background art is already depicting. Find out later this week!

The Ion Age Team

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

1 Hour Play

 Last time I mentioned I would be looking at the game systems planned for The Ion Age and I am as usual true to my word!

This is a short posting to introduce to you the 1 Hour Play idea and what it means for us.  Those of you who know about the USEME series of titles from will know that they use a very simple and robust D6 mechanic for skirmishes and battles across all kinds of genres and scales.  1 Hour Play is going to be an evolution of this but themed to The Ion Age and the conflicts going on there.

We have top secret plans for several titles in the series and each will be available in both a printed format and also a purpose designed download format.  The mechanic of the game engine will be an eight sided dice and of course the titles will keep to the releases made in the 15mm Ion Age range primarily.

So a full paced and fun wargame in one hour or less.  That is the goal.  I will be writing the majority of the content for 1 Hour Play as I did with USEME.

Expect to hear more soon enough about the first title in the series...Patrol Angis.


Monday, 5 August 2013

Sprinkle of the brand new....IAF001 to IAF004

Way back in the day Alternative Armies created the very first vision of the Ion Age and in that vision were some 15mm versions of the 28mm Retained Knights and Muster Troops.  Little did they know that near twenty years later a much grander vision was to unfold from those beginnings.

So on with the grander vision and in this posting, the first really on new miniatures for the 15mm Ion Age, I am looking at the coding and new poses in the initial packs for the setting.  Those of you who know the HOF range well will be aware that the miniatures in IA001 to IA004 came from there but there have been several additions to a couple of the codes.  

These additions add some more flavour to the initial poses and stablise the codes in light of what is to come in 2013. From the images below I will tell you all about each of the new poses:

IAF001 Retained Post Alpha - No New Poses
IAF002 Retained Post Beta - Poses 3 and 8 are New!
In IAF002 there are two brand new miniatures, poses 3 and 8 in the image above.  A Retained Knight with a Roaz Powered Axe.  This compliments the existing melee pose in IAF001 and I felt a second one would go down well...knights like an axe after all.  Secondly a Retained Knight with a pistol which is a first.  Its a brand new weapon type, an Angis 12.5mm AP Pistol.  Great for a Demi leader or a Sarj eh!

IAF003 Muster 1st Squad - No New Additions
IAF004 Retained Lance Command Alpha - Poses 1 to 4 are New!
The first dedicated Lance Command pack in IAF004 has four brand new poses in it.  Joining the Banneret (pose 5) are a Knight Errant with Octa Powered Sword in Cowl (pose 1), a Retained Knight using Visigogs (pose 2), a Retained HW Knight with Pardoner Fire Projector another brand new weapon type (pose 3) and lastly an unfortunate Retained Knight face down dead in the dirt (pose 4).

I know there are literally tens of thousands of these miniatures out in the wargaming world in the collections of a thousand players but...none of these players have seen these super new 15mm poses.  And from there....well just you wait and see!

Next time a wee posting on the first wargame title we plan for the setting.