Friday, 28 February 2014

Skylark Patrol Flyer - Preview Part 2

Welcome to part two of the Skylark preview posts.  If you missed the first part, well it showed you the Skylark Patrol Flyer itself and you can read it here on the blog.  But now we are moving on to the next item that will be a part of the next Early Support Offer bundles on 3rd March 2014...a Skylark that can no longer fly.  IAF033 Crashed Skylark!

The Crashed Skylark is a sad reminder that even the mighty can be laid low by well some well aimed shots or a bit of luck.  Embedded in the rocky terrain of Camarthen Prime or any other world of the Prydian Precinct the broken hull of the 'lark is now nothing more than well machined scrap.  Or is it?  Its a large one piece casting some seven centimetres long and the same across with a lot of fine detail from the rocks and ground to the shattered engine mounts and exposed cables along with peppered impacts from low calibre rounds.  Its a great piece of battlefield terrain to add character or as a mission objective.  It adds to the strength of the Skylark as a vehicle by presenting it downed for use in your wargames if your flying one is destroyed in play.

Quite often wargame companies will overlook the depth of their settings but that is not the way that The Ion Age intends to operate.  You might have seen that our Havelock Battlesuit and our Duxis Battlesuit both have 'fallen' versions which can be used as mission objectives or battlefield terrain.  These add to the depth of the battlesuits for players and this crashed skylark does the same.   As well as this the Crashed Skylark fills the void often left by games that are purely points driven.  Narrative matters.  Tense scenarios can be had with terrain that can be made interactive.  Battlefield terrain can make your gaming table look even better than it otherwise ever would. 

But where did the Skylark come from as an idea and as a model?  Well it has great space opera pedigree behind it.  Back at the start of this year when the design stage of the Skylark was underway everyone involved named one item of classic wargaming from our own lines that would be an influence on the design. The original 15mm scale Ion Age white metal vehicles like HOF18 (now retired and to be re-introduced upgraded in resin as the Adder Combat Car later this year) gave shape to the core hull of the Skylark.  It would match up with those models on the table as part of the Muster.  But it was to be a flying vehicle and there was nothing like that in the existing Ion Age, but Laserburn provided inspiration there.  The jet engine mount on the V106 Law Officer Air Raft (see image below) is 80's perfection so we multiplied it by four and added its influence to the Skylark for motive power.  Lastly the reaction to the Hab Dome and its top mounts including the IAF015A Sentry Gun gave the 'lark its belly gun and the missile pod from the Havelock went on the turret ring. So from the classic and old school ideas came a combined design that took them all in and came up with something new and retro at the same time.  The Skylark is a unique flyer; just look at it.
V106 from
So that's it for part two of the preview and that means one part left.  In the third part I will show you the last part of the Skylark ESO's and outline the bundles for March 3rd.  I hope you are enjoying these short articles about our process and ideas.  Feedback is most welcome.


Thursday, 27 February 2014

IAF028 Khamel Tracked Bike Set Released!

“Those Maligs can be a real nuisance.  Keep on sniping at you and throwing the odd grenade from places you thought were clear.  Like at Paradvar Hill when the rear elements of the 76th Regiment were about to climb to the summit the little sods appeared.  They had hid in dug outs while the bulk of the troops marched past.  They had sense enough to keep their heads down with Skylarks in the air and two super heavy Taranis tanks in support they would have been smeared soon as they popped up.  Even Khanate Warlords don't mess with Taranis, least not head on.   So there we were, three platoons of us, about to walk up Paradvar Hill when they appeared and laid it on thick with laser and apollo fire.

No chance of support, the regiment was engaged all up front with the Minotaur Legion for Paradvar Central about ten miles off; so we were pinned.  Too steep to climb under fire and the Maligs had set up remote mines.  Not big ones but they would take your foot off.  Maligs are cruel like that.  We lost four troopers initially and then we hunkered down and had a ponder.  I scanned the local net and found out that a a couple of fire-teams worth of Khamels were coming up on us.  They must have been patrolling the rear; lots of rocky and rough ground about here.  I pinged them and got an affirmative.  Their Emeritas had been dealing with other Malig Tesserans left behind to slow us up.  He said to sit it out and let them run up the hill.  Sure, I said.  No problem.  Better to watch than to catch a beam in the bonce.

Took about ten minutes for the bikes to arrive.  We all heard them coming.   The Khamel ain't the biggest bike in the army but it is real loud and its got presence that the Retained just don't get with their grav-bikes.  Being from the Patrol these guys just saluted as they passed us and went straight up the slope.  We gave them supporting fire but it was a sight to see I tell you.   Mines went off continually under the Khamels but they just rolled on up the hill.  Maligs shot at the bikes and the rounds just did nothing.  I had expected the riders to dismount when they reached the dug outs but then I remembered the tracks on the Khamel and I kinda lost my appetite.  They just rolled on, onto and into the dugouts.  It ended quick then but when we climbed up the Paradvar Hill I had to clean my boots on the way down again.” 

Emeritas Gill Manning, 76th Prydian Regiment , Camarthen Prime, 4331IC

IAF028 Khamel Tracked Bike Pack
We are super happy to release the second bike code for the Ion Age 15mm Range.  Following on from the Canthus Monocycle (IAF007) we have code IAF028 Khamel Tracked Bike pack!  A tracked beast that can really scare the enemy.  This code contains three white metal miniatures which are the Khamel Bike with Muster Rider, Khamel Bike with no rider and Muster bike rider on foot.  This means you can field your Khamel with great flexibility and three different modes.  The Khamel comes with a choice of two separate weapons (Moth Type 12 and Ron 32mm) which can be left off or mounted on the front of the bike.   

As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Due to wargamers feedback we are also offering a 'buy three and save 10%' option on the riderless bike too. Go HERE.  Price 5.00GBP per pack.  You can read about the origins of the Khamel in this concept posting.

IAF003 Muster 1st Squad
Your core troops for a 15mm Muster force in the Ion Age is IAF003.  This code contains ten different white metal miniatures composed of troopers with Moth Rifle, lesser officer with Moth Rifle and troopers with Anvil 888 launchers as well as an ammo carrier trooper and a trooper with Moth Rifle and Hobbe's Bomb too.  A whole Muster Squad. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Go HERE.  Price 5.00GBP per pack.

Information Burst!
Time is about up to get the IMP06 Zin Envoy!  On the 1st March the miniature will be retired and replaced with the next free monthly miniature and while the Zin will appear later in 2014 this miniature will not.  Any order placed with us gets one of this miniature free and if you wish to buy more of the Zin Envoy you can until the 1st on our website. By placing an order with us you will sign up for an account with the website and that means you get Reward Points in all purchases.  These points can be used any time to get free products and discounts on orders.  We have begun the run up to our next Early Supporter Offers too with the first preview of the Skylark Patrol Vessel our first full resin vehicle.  Its space opera awesome and will be with you all on 3rd March 2014.  Have a look at the Ion Age blog for the posts starting here and then after this posting.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Skylark Patrol Flyer - Preview Part 1

Those who follow this blog will have noted back a couple of weeks ago in the Landing Pad concept post that the fiction intro spoke of a flying vehicle for the Muster called the 'Skylark'...well it's more than fiction it now exists!

Back in February this year when we were designing this 15mm resin vehicle kit we wanted to come up with something modern but also totally space opera and pretty unique too.  I think we have.  Its a mantra of mine that what makes sci-fi wargaming, especially in 15mm scale, one of the most fun places to be as a wargamer is its originality.  The Ion Age is doing and will continue to do things to make the scale more diverse.  Its the core of our March releases and its a four engined wonder.  The Skylark is brand new and its old school too; best of both.

Above you can see a picture of the super new (this is the first one!) IAF029 Skylark which will be one third of the March 2014 Early Support Offer (ESO) bundles which will begin on the 3rd of March 2014.  But what is the Skylark?

The Skylark is a flying patrol vehicle used by the Muster and its our first full vehicle release in the 15mm range.  While all Muster make use of the Skylark it is the Patrol that are famous for using it.  Most Muster use the ground travelling variants of the Adder vehicle.  Carrying a pilot and gunner along with a four man fire-team which can deploy from hatches in its armoured hull.  It carries an underslung mounted rotary cannon and can have an optional centre hatch or missile pod on a top mount. Propelled by four jet engines it is very speedy and excellent for recon and getting in and out fast.  The rear engine pods can be rotated for landing and take off.  Deployed all across the Prydian Precinct its a child of the civil war and is now being put into use against the Shia Khan too.  It can sit on its own props or be mounted on a white metal flight stand that will come out later as a release (not pictured).

There are two more posts coming about the Skylark which will show the other items which go with this vehicle and will be parts of the ESO's as well.  Stay tuned!

Comments most welcome.


Monday, 24 February 2014

Ellen and Ripley get green by Eric Leidberg

Skilled miniature painter and 15mm fan Eric Leidberg has put up some photos of his own painted vision of Ellen and Ripley our female character Retained Knights in the Ion Age.  As you can see he used some great green shades and they look very different to the red and white of the Prydian Army.  I have taken these images from his google plus feed.  You can visit him here if you are on that system.

IAF017 has had a great response from IonFans and its fantastic to be able to feature another wargamer and figure painter's vision of them.  Click on the link if you want to see our own painted versions.

Well done Eric!


Thursday, 20 February 2014

IAF030 Duxis Battlesuit, IAF031 Drone and Pilot and IAF032 Fallen Duxis released!

Thank you all for your support during the two weeks of the Duxis Battlesuit early support offers (ESO's) more than four hundred suits and associated fallen Battlesuits and pilots with drone are now winging their way across the world to you all.  We would also like to thank Noble Knight Games for stocking the Duxis ESO's.  Every order placed is now dispatched.  The codes that made up the ESO's are now released as normal codes and their details are below.  Another ESO will be coming your way soon enough. Please read on!

IAF030A The Bladesman variant
IAF030H Warlord Killer variant
IAF030 Duxis Battlesuit
Duxis 'the royal gift' is a ballet dancer made to combat Warlords, the giant infantry of the Shia Khan Empire.  Made to give a knight the size and power to take on a Warlord in one to one combat. The Duxis is a modular miniature in 15mm scale cast in white metal.  Featuring a two part body, separate head and separate hands it has a high degree of flexibility in posing.  Assembled it stands about 30mm tall and you can just imagine the pilot nestled within it.  Great for the Ion Age but also for all 15mm sci-fi systems that use Battlesuits or their like.   

All Ranged variants of Duxis come with separate Heraldic Shield
There are SEVEN variants of the Duxis split into two main categories, close combat and ranged combat.  Armed with Sword or Spear, Fists or five different weapons you can choose the one you want by looking at the pages and viewing all the images (Variants A-H) and as with all our products you can choose to buy three and save 10% off list price.  Go HERE for all close combat or HERE for all ranged combat Duxis Battlesuits.  All are priced at 5.00GBP.  You can also look at this previous blog posts for more information HERE.

IAF031 Duxis Drone and Pilot
IAF031 Duxis Drone and Pilot
Inside the Duxis Battlesuit is the Pilot who directs its actions and takes it to battle.  These highly skilled knights are a breed apart and while it is rare to see them outside of their battlesuit there are times when they are on foot.  This pack contains two white metal 15mm miniatures, the Duxis Pilot armed with a pistol and holding the 'braincase' of his battlesuit in his hands and the Duxis Drone on its integral fight stand.  The Field Drone is capable of limited repair work and restocking tasks while at the same time avoiding incoming enemy fire. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page.  Go HERE.  Price 1.50GBP per pack.

IAF032 Fallen Duxis with IAF031 for scale purposes
IAF032 Fallen Duxis Battlesuit
You might be nimble and you might be quick but sometimes you just aren't quick enough and for those occasions we present IAF032 Fallen Duxis.  Cast in high quality grey tone resin this one piece model is highly detailed and depicts a Duxis Battlesuit destroyed in combat. This one lost a fight against a Khanate Warlord and now lays upon its back, arm torn off and back broken against an unforgiving pile of rock. Useful as a casualty marker in play or a scenic objective in its own right this great model is about 35mm across at its widest point. Suitable for use in any science fiction setting as well as The Ion Age. As always this code can be bought as a pack or select three packs and save 10% option on the page.  Go HERE.  Price 5.00GBP per pack.

Information Burst
We have been super busy this week with the Duxis Battlesuit ESO getting all the orders ready and that has taken up a lot of our time but we have given an advance look at an upcoming code on the blog.  The Khamel Tracked Bike pack will be out soon and features a vehicle inspired by actual history, something that might have been used in some alternate history. Have a look.  The public feedback was mixed about last week's 28mm Female Muster pack with some very rude comments online (but hey free speech is very important and we are all entitled to opinions) and also some very kind ones too.  At any rate our first new 28mm pack in many years saw some good sales and more will be coming this year in 28mm Ion Age.   Its a shame that some people objectify not only women but also their role in future military's. We are at the mid month point for the current 15mm IMP06 Zin Envoy free miniature (one free in every order placed automatically) at the end of the month this miniature vanishes to be replaced with the next free miniature for March.  The Zin have caused quite a bit of stir among the 15mm science fiction community (and on Deviant Art too) and I can confirm we are going to do pack releases for them later on in 2014. By placing an order with us you will sign up for an account with the website and that means you get Reward Points in all purchases.  These points can be used any time to get free products and discounts on orders.

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Muster Khamel Tracked Bike Set - Concepting

Months ago when the playtest draft of the Patrol Angis rules were being drawn up I wanted a special looking war bike for the Muster to use (normally the Retained and especially the Starvaulters get all the cool kit) and we settled on 'The Khamel'.  Why this name?  Well once we had the design down I thought that anyone riding the thing would certainly get 'the hump' from it!  Seriously its a adaptation of a middle english word (as Havelock is) that suits a war bike very well.  Track on to the next paragraph!

The IAF028 Muster Khamel Tracked Warbike pack will be released on 27th February 2014 along with all the normal images and options for buy a pack, buy three packs with a discount and buy the single miniatures from the pack too.  I am thinking with this pack of making the Khamel Bike only a 'buy three save 10%' option too as its a unique model on its own too.  If you are keen on this then let me know.  The image in this post gives you the scale next to the 15mm Muster driver.

Most of the time the awesome comes from the minds of myself and Sam Croes for The Ion Age but this time we cannot take any credit for it.  Below you will see an image taken in the late 1930's of a vehicle that became an evolutionary dead end for technology in our world.  Designed by French inventer J.Lehaitre and shown in print.  We wanted to make this beast a space opera reality in 15mm scale so we did!  Our one has a Muster feel and an optional weapon mount but its essentially the same vehicle.

February 1938: Caterpillar Track Motorcycle

“Named the “tractor-cycle” by the inventor, J. Lehaitre, the vehicle is said to be superior to an ordinary motorcycle in its ability to climb steep and rough grades, although its speed on level ground is limited to about 25 m.p.h. Fitted with a machine gun, the cycle could be used by dispatch riders or entire military units to travel over shell-torn terrain.” - Modern Mechanix

So soon, for the first time in 15mm scale, you will be able to get your own tracked bike for our and any other setting.

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

IB52 Muster Female Squad released!

“Watch that doorway! Move up, move up.”

The fire-team of four Muster troopers of the 71st Regiment dashed from cover to cover keeping their heads down as they ran. Speed was of the essence now. They knew that only one Canlastrian Retained Knight had survived the impact of local artillery rounds called down on them but one was enough. Against the Aketon armour of the Muster the armour piercing 12.5mm rounds of a Retained's Angis Rifle were lethal while their own rifles had to be up real close to ensure a quick kill. But the fire-team had the edge in numbers and they knew where the 'Cannie' was. Or at least they thought they did. The Comm Net was down and EMP bursts had scrambled their integral sensors. They had all removed their helmets judging that the loss of protection would be worth the quicker reactions.

“Right ahead. Be ready. Fire upon sight”

Inside the ruined building to their front a shadow moved and the already raised Moth Type 6 Rifles of the fire-team sprayed out 9mm caseless rounds in its direction. Their were sparks and wild ricochet impacts around and against the shadow which paced forward and resolved into the blue form of a Canlastrian Retained. The chameleon circuit in the knight's armour was malfunctioning as small parts of armour shimmered and reappeared. The Muster knew what was coming next and broke in two directions as 12.5mm rounds hammered back at them. One of the Muster was caught in the burst and fell screaming at the loss of a leg. The other three focused their fire on the knight. Alwite powered armour is tough but its not invulnerable by any means and in a spray of blood the Cannie toppled backwards to the rubble strewn floor the remaining shells in the Angis Rifle soaring skyward from a finger in a trigger death grip.

“Target down. Get a working line and get a medic for Lorian. Where's the nearest spire. We need more bloody 9mm after that!”

Tamworth Quadrant, Selway Minor, 4324IC

IB52 Muster Female Squad
IB52 Muster Female Squad

Its not all about 15mm scale in The Ion Age and our brand new 28mm pack release adds more poses to the almost 200 miniatures in our 28mm range. We present IB052 Muster Female Squad which contains four brand new white metal poses composed of a female Muster Emeritas pointing, two poses of female Muster Trooper with Moth Type 6 Rifle and female Muster Trooper with Ron 32mm Hi-Ex Launcher. All poses are bare headed. Perfectly suited to adding to existing collections of our Muster troops. As always this code can be bought as a single pack or three packs saving 10% off list price or as single miniatures within the pack. Go HERE. Price 8.00GBP per pack.  Special Release Offer 15% off single packs of IB52 until 20th February.  Discount already on page.

IB52 Rear View

MOTH 28mm Ion Age Skirmish Rules
Moth lets you to play out anything from a small skirmish with half a dozen miniatures a side right up to a squad level battle with more than a hundred miniatures in play if you so desire. Play with 28mm miniatures from the Ion Age range. 

This is a game that is fast to learn, fast to play and great for younger novice players and experienced tacticians alike. Moth has a clever central mechanic based around the D10 (ten sided dice) and the adaptable Elan Rating system. This, when combined with fluid squad mechanic allows players to add to and remove from their squads in play. Plus unique features such as Break Shots, Degrade Fire, two action choice among many others makes the game flow excellently and combines tension with fun in battle. Use cover, avoid open ground, call on your fellows for support. Win the Prydian Civil War for your noble masters! Go HERE for full information. Special Offer 15% off MOTH until 20th February.  Discount already on page.

Information Burst!
In addition to the first new 28mm miniatures (first of many!) in the Ion Age range in several years we are in the midst of the great Early Supporter Offers for the Duxis Battlesuit. Two great bundles that give you 15% off release prices and free items too. Have a look. These are around until the 20th February. We are at the mid month point for the current 15mm IMP06 Zin Envoy free miniature (one free in every order placed automatically) at the end of the month this miniature vanishes to be replaced with the next free miniature for March. The Zin have caused quite a bit of stir among the 15mm science fiction community (and on Deviant Art too) and I can confirm we are going to do pack releases for them later on in 2014. By placing an order with us you will sign up for an account with the website and that means you get Reward Points in all purchases. These points can be used any time to get free products and discounts on orders.

Noble Knight Games
Our North American Agent carries all of our products in all scales along with a lot of products from our sisters and Alternative Armies. This includes our entire 28mm and 15mm lines. So if you already use this great company or you want to since you are in the USA or Canada you can get your Ion Age products there. Browse from the main page link to all of our products on NKG. Go HERE.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Duxis Battlesuit vs Khanate Warlord - Sneak Peek

Legionary Ordo orders Warlord with Mars 20mm Cannon forward!
I just can't keep back my excitement! Its time for a sneek peek at an upcoming major 15mm release for the Ion Age.  Coming later this spring we will be massively upgunning the Shia Khan Empire with the next phase of our stated ambition of putting into 15mm every type from the 28mm range for them.  With Shia Khan Legion and Pioneers already out there among the stars we are just about ready with....Khanate Warlords!

Yes!  The hulking ogre slave troops of the Khanate Empire who give Retained Knights everywhere nightmares will be coming your way as modular miniatures.  Giant Humanoids that can swat away troops with ease before using big calibre weapons capable of destroying light vehicles.  Cast in white metal with a choice of several bodies, several heads and a good number of weapons giving up to seventy combinations for your collection.

Warlord and Legionary vs Duxis and Retained for scale
I will be following up nearer to release time with a concepting post on the Khanate Warlords as well as other information but for now I give you this sneak peek.  Now you know the horror that inspired the design of the Duxis Battlesuit to give Humanity a fighting chance against...the Warlords.

Remember the Duxis Battlesuit early support offers are available now and until the 20th February.  Get fifteen percent off and free bonus items.  Excellent Value.  Go HERE.

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Monday, 10 February 2014

Hab Dome Landing Pad and Turrets - Concepting

With a gentle thrum the repulsar plating of the Skylark Patrol Flyer lessened the forces of gravity as the vehicle cut its jets and settled gently onto the landing platform atop Tower 7 of the Mandalay Complex.  The Prydian Army was trying to pry the League of Canlaster from Umbar IV, this outpost planet of use to no one but those after fresh water.  It never stopped raining, never.

Severing data links and flicking off activation switches the Muster pilot of the Skylark released his harness and opened the hatches.  He felt the eternal cold drizzle on his face as the fire-team he had aboard disembarked out onto the rubbacrete platform.  They were a hundred feet up in the air and that suited the pilot fine.  This world was no picture and the sooner his regiment left the better.

A small door opened on the surface of the landing platform next to the inactive rotary barrels of the flak cannon that protected the tower. Spilling yellow light into the grey sky a head appeared from the opening and then an arm which beckoned the tired Muster Patrol troopers inside.  Inside where it was dry, warm and there was food.  Hopefully they would get to eat before those Cannie's tried another stroke.

Tower 7, Mandalay Complex, Umbar IV. 4328IC  

With the Duxis Battlesuit early supporter offers in full swing I want to take a moment away from heavy metal madness and go back to the Ion Age 15mm terrain range.  We released the Tower Module for the Hab Dome a while back in January and it was well received.  The module was the next step in our goal of a whole settlement in the SEORC style.

Above you can see concept art for the next pieces in the terrain range.  These comprise the IAF015E Landing Platform, the IAF015F Flak Cannon Top Mount and the IAF015G Missile Pod Top Mount.

IAF015E Landing Platform
Our largest resin item designed thus far for The Ion Age supplied in two pieces of grey tone resin.  The lower portion of the platform which acts as a support for the upper platform and features a universal ring mount to attach to IAF015 Hab Dome or Tower Module.  The upper portion is a highly detailed area for light air vehicles to land and features a blank mounting for a top mount turret.  Total width 75mm and depth 20mm.  You can also leave the lower portion separate if you wish to use the platform upper on its own at ground level or use the lower portion as a blank top for your Hab Dome in a use of your own creation.

IAF015F Flak Cannon
A twin barrelled rotary cannon anti-air weapon made of grey tone resin and white metal. Supplied in four pieces including a separate turret ring for fitting to the Landing Plaform or larger mounts (later in 2014!) or without for use on IAF015 Hab Dome or Tower Module.

IAF015G Missile Pod
A two block missile pod for anti-ground or anti-air use. Supplied in two pieces including a separate turret ring for fitting to the Landing Plaform or larger mounts (later in 2014!) or without for use on IAF015 Hab Dome or Tower Module.

These pieces will be released on Thursday 6th March 2014 with of course more information and pictures of lovely painted examples.  Hope you like the latest additions and as always with us there is little wait between idea and release.

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, 6 February 2014

IAF030 Duxis Battlesuit - Early Supporter Offers!

The Duxis Battlesuit early support offer bundles are here!  Its been a wee wait for sure but now from the 6th February to Thursday 20th February you can get your pre-order hands on these awesome new miniatures for a saving and with free items too!

As before you can get the ESO Bundles from our website but now you can also order these bundles direct from our North American agent Noble Knight Games who have these bundles and the rest of our ranges in stock now.  Read on below and click on the links.

IAF030B1 Duxis Bundle One.  Three Battlesuits at 15% off and free Pilot and Drone.
Bundle value 16.50GBP, price to you 12.75GBP!
Go to the Ion Age Website or to Noble Knight Games (in USD) for this bundle.

IAF030B2 Duxis Bundle Two.  Five Battlesuits at 15% off and free Pilot and Drone, free Fallen Duxis.
Bundle value 31.50GBP, price to you 21.25GBP!
Go to the Ion Age Website or to Noble Knight Games (in USD) for this bundle.

All orders that include these bundles will ship from us on 20th February 2014 worldwide.
Duxis Battlesuit (30mm) and Retained Knight (17mm) in 15mm Scale
Princess Cyon knows a lot of things.  I mean a lot.  It was lot before the Reord bonding and though it's even more now I can tell you that she came up with the Duxis MkI on her own.  Technics, Fabrication and Structure too.  All of it her idea.  To make her point she wore the prototype upon entering the Adden chambers and it made her point just beautifully to the Council.  We knew the Khanate had returned and we had the reports of the first contacts from Camarthen Prime but the Princess, she had her father's knowledge of the times of the first Khanate War.  We confirmed it later but in those chambers and on that day Princess Cyon said one word as she strode towards us footfalls heavy.  Encased in armour and over twelve feet tall she said 'Warlords' and then activated the holo emitters attached to the prototype's shell.  I think there was not a knight or baron in the place who did not shrink a little in their seats.  Out of thin air a monster appeared.  Like a Man in shape but larger; far larger.  She drew an energised blade longer than a Starvaulter is tall and conducted a mock melee with the projection...and she won.

Hours of discourse followed and all the while Daphne Cyon stood in her prototype Duxis Battlesuit and held sway.  The Warlords were more than a Retained Knight could cope with so make a Retained Knight more than they already were.  We did.  Now in Camarthen space we meet those hulking monsters with metal of our own.  Its a close fight but now its a fight we can and we will win!
Knight General Obermann.  Fleet Command.  4331IC

Its time for more information on the first 2014 Early Supporter Offers. Its a firm favourite from the latter weeks of the Patrol Angis playtesting.  The 15mm strutter that is the Duxis Battlesuit for the Retained of the Prydian Army.  As I have said before in the Havelock concepting post on the blog I love concept art and this latest piece is another winner from Sam Croes.  Where the Havelock is the mobile gun platform for the Muster, designed to win a Civil War, the Duxis is a ballet dancer made to combat the giant infantry of the Shia Khan Empire.  Made to give a knight the size and power to take on a Warlord in one to one combat.

The Duxis is a modular miniature in 15mm scale cast in white metal.  Featuring a two part body, separate head and separate hands it has a high degree of flexibility in posing.  Assembled it stands about 30mm tall and you can just imagine the pilot nestled within it.  Great for the Ion Age but also for all 15mm sci-fi systems that use Battlesuits or their like.  Those who are fans of Retained Knights can see a scale shot above and those who bought one or more of the hundreds of Havelock Battlesuits out there in the world can see the two battlesuits next to each other for scale below.

IAF030 Duxis Battlesuit (left) with IAF020 Havelock Battlesuit (right)
Thanks for Reading and thank you too for your confidence in all of us here at The Ion Age!


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Duxis Battlesuit takes to the field!

Artwork showing Pilot within the Duxis by Sam Croes
"Camarthan Prime ain't gonna be a meal for the Khanate no more.  Let me tell you.  We might be smaller than those hulking Warlords but now the score is evened up and that's for sure.  Climb in, seal up, fire it up and then take the fight to them.  Your rifle ain't 9mm anymore, it ain't 12.5mm anymore its 25mm and its fully automatic.  That's gotta hurt even if your twelve feet tall."
Fallon Briana, Duxis Pilot.  4331IC

The time is nearly here.  On the 6th February 2014 the early support offers for the 15mm scale Duxis Battlesuit will go live and for two weeks you will have the chance to get in on two excellent bundles that offer a saving and free items which are also brand new and not yet released.  Wait and see!

You can read the concepting post for the Duxis and the posting of the master tins arriving or that Noble Knight Games in the USA will be in on the ESO's by clicking on the links.  Enjoy!

Otherwise please visit us upon the morrow and see the foe of the Shia Khan Empire!


Saturday, 1 February 2014

Zin Envoy - IMP06 Free Miniature for February 2014

IMP06 The Xin Envoy
"A diplomat sent from the mysterious and far away Xin Precinct to establish trade between the two realms, carrying a digi-chart of Xin space to present to Prydian officials. However this distinguished envoy is not entirely defenceless, hiding a high grade Xin-manufactured laser pistol in a shoulder holster under his opulent cloak. This miniature would make a good mission objective, or an interesting addition to an army's command section." - Sam Croes

It's a brand new month and more than that its the Chinese New Year too.  That means a new free monthly miniature and in the spirit of 2014 being the Year of the Horse its on that theme.  Above is a quote from Ion Age lead designer Sam Croes introducing the IMP06 Xin Envoy.

The Zin Envoy is the white metal 15mm miniature in the above image and until 1st March 2013 he is FREE in each and every order placed with us at the rate of one per order placed.  After that date he will be retired and replaced by the next free miniature and of course you earn reward points on all orders too.  We realise that some of you may wish to purchase the current free miniature to get multiples of it without placing a lot of orders so you can do just that.

There is a growing page on the Ion Age website where the current and all former IMP series free miniatures are shown so that you can see what came before. 

Those IonFans who know the background of the Ion Age universe will be scratching your heads just now thinking 'Who are the Zin?'.  Well not a lot on it just now but it is my intention to add more factions to the Ion Age in the second half of this year and one of those is the Zin.  This is a little taste, the first miniature and its free.  Ark Ships from Earth came not only from Europe and North America in fact many were sent by Asian powers to a star cluster relatively near what would become the Prydian Precinct.  After the detonation of the Aldan Crucible that created the Dolo Clouds these stars were cut off and devastated by not only the disaster created by the fanatical Templars but also the trapped remnants of a Khanate Dragon Fleet.


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