Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Customer Questions about the Ion Age

A Musterman in the sights. Artwork by Edward Jackson
Hi IonFans!

Wow!  What a start to the new journey of The Ion Age it has been over the last three days.  First off I would like to thank all of you who have visited the site and this blog, who have placed orders, who have blogged and tweeted and so on about it plus of course Sam, Chris, Eli, Bob, Bob (again), Chuck, Robbie, Dave, Sid, Jim B, Paul, Vandal and the rest for the personal touches online.

I have been answering email though our domain since Hour 0 and in the course of this several questions have popped up again and again so I thought a posting here would help wargamers out and inform you all before you have to ask.  Don't get me wrong I love answering email but my fingers are sore from typing!  Here we go:

The Cart and Checkout Process
Some customers have been asking about the checkout process.  Why, when they put items in their cart they then checkout and no postage / shipping is shown against the order?  The answer is that this is the way our cart software functions.  Place items in your cart as normal and then when ready proceed to checkout, enter your paypal password and then once your account connects with our website you will be promoted to return to the Ion Age cart screen where you select your postage option (which is either a flat 5.00GBP worldwide per order charge or free worldwide if 75.00GBP or more of product value) once this selection is made the screen will show you the final order, all products including the shipping.  Click pay and there you go!

Buying Three Packs and Saving 10%
A couple of customers have asked 'how do I get my 10% when selecting to buy three of the same pack from the drop down menu attached to the product?'.  The answer is that you do!  All products on our website offer the choice of single pack purchase or single pose from the pack or three packs saving 10%.  Selecting the three packs option from the list of choices will automatically show you the price of three packs with ten percent deducted right there on the screen.  You need do nothing but select it and add to cart.  The saving is already applied.

The Free Unique Miniature
This is a common question.  Perhaps its cynical of me but a lot of customers have followed their order with an email asking 'will I get the free miniature, do I qualify, don't forget me' as if free does not always mean just that.  Well in answer.  Free means free for The Ion Age.  Any order placed will get one casting of the current free unique miniature added to it automatically.  In fact we have a box of them sitting ready to pop into packages going out.  Place an order and get the limited time offer free unique miniature...every single order, every single time.

Do I need an Account to place an Order?
Yes.  You do.  I know its a wee pain in the rear to create an account but it only takes a minute and once you have not only do you not need to manually enter your address again you also more importantly start earning Reward Points.  Every 1.00GBP spent with us gets you 10 Points and those points can be used against discounts and free miniatures once you have enough accumulated.   You must have an account to order and you have to sign in when on the website.

Should I click the Mailchimp subscribe box on the website footer and or here on the blog?
Either!  I do suggest you join our mailing list.  Each week we will be sending out an email through it with the latest news which, while elements will appear here on the blog or on the website only in the email will the full details and any offers be included.  So sign up and we promise that every email you get will be 100% Ion Age goodness in 15mm and 28mm scale with no filler!

If you have any question about the Ion Age website or this blog make a comment on this post or email us directly and I will reply to you.


May 2019 and The Ion Age has been taken back into Alternative Armies.  It continues with new releases into the future!  Go to Alternative Armies for Ion Age pages of the 15mm Range the 15mm Terrain Range the 28mm Range the Publications range and the Free Downloads collection too for the latest.  All links to the ion age site are now defunct sorry!  If you wish to see something or ask a question email me on  GBS

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