Wednesday 16 May 2018

Create a Cold Climes Force for Patrol Angis free article

Some of the favourite miniatures which The Ion Age has in its 15mm scale range are those of the Planetary Militia Cold Climes. Armoured and uniformed against the snows and tundra of Arctic worlds and environments the Cold Climes take the fight to the alien Khanate, Marcher Barons and mercenaries in defence of their homes. Following up on the release of the new Cold Climes Gun Crew and the interest in the Cold Climes Platoon Pack we now have for you a free six page article. Creating your four platoon Cold Climes company for playing Patrol Angis. See below for the download link from our website. 

Creating a Force – Cold Climes Planetary Militia 
This free six page article runs you through the process of putting together four different platoons of infantry, transports, armoured vehicles, battlesuits and more to create a versatile force. The article includes four pre-filled rosters one for each platoon as well as the guide and some pictures of the miniatures for the force. Links are included to other free articles which will be of assistance as well. This is part one of three linked articles. Click HERE to download the article from our website and to see and learn more. 

If you want to see more of our Planetary Militia then visit the Prydian Army and the Prydian Vehicles pages for all the codes. You can get a pack or three packs with a saving or choose single poses from packs as well. Remember that when you order from us you get Reward Points assigned to your account which you can use on future orders to get discounts or free products. Read more about our Reward Programme on its page of the website. For the game system Patrol Angis check out our 15mm Publications Page for print and digital books plus value bundles and free content too. 

Towards the end of this month we will have our last of three May 2018 releases. We are getting it ready now. Rumours were is a new Superblue Adder 2.0 which is replacing the original model! 

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Thanks for Reading and enjoy the Article 



  1. Super Blue, Yes!
    So much awesome!

    1. Thanks man! Yes...soon!

      Glad you liked the article.


  2. Hello Gav,
    Looks great.
    Is it possible to photo the new next to the old one?

    1. Thank you. I was not intending to take old next to new pictures. The model is very similar in that only the engine pods are different to match Taranis and Mullo. GBS