Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Planetary Militia Infantry and Portable Weapons this month!

A lovely image and a wee bit of information as to what is coming for The Ion Age this month. As well as the IMP22 Malig Campaigner free in every order we will have the Patrol Angis Free Files folder for download this week followed by a release. The next week we will have two more releases and then a new PDF for Patrol Angis all about putting the Planetary Militia into your games plus some other interesting posts as well. Here is a listing of June 2015's releases.

IAF071 Planetary Militia 3rd Squad (10)
IAF073 PM Amber Portable Weapon (with tow bar)
Moth 88 twin long barrelled cannon (A)
Moth 88 rotary cannon (B)
Angis AP Cannon (C)
Bodkin Howitzer (D)
Valerin Laser Cannon (E)
Fretan Rail Gun (F)
IAF074 PM Amber Gun Crew (2)

So look forward to Wednesday and Thursday this week and remember you can find all of the already released Planetary Militia in the Prydian Army page of the website including Platoon pack, vehicles and Battlesuits. Go HERE and HERE (refined search links).

Thanks for Reading.



  1. I was wondering why you had tow hooks on the display models :)

    1. The mist clears and it becomes plain to see. Well spotted. Yes. A towed gun for the Planetary Militia. How cool!