Friday, 5 June 2015

Patrol Angis Free Content Update

Again I would like to thank everyone who pre-ordered Patrol Angis the book and the game pack. All you fellows have made the last week plus some of the busiest days I have had in quite a while! With more than seventy percent of the print run sold before release we are very pleased with the enthusiasm shown for the first 15mm title in our range. You can see Patrol Angis HERE. With copies arriving with IonFans now its time for the announcement about the Free Content information found on the last page of the book. Free Content you say? Yes I say, a whole folder full of PDF files for your wargaming fun. 

The free folder will be linked up for download on The Ion Age blog as well as our website. Its contents will be as follows: 

An Introduction to The Ion Age 
What is Patrol Angis?
Token Sheet for Patrol Angis 
Prydia Precinct Roster Sheet 
Quick Reference Sheet (QRF) 
The Dando Campaign Scenario 4 (following on from the book) 

The free content will be made public in a week or so with an announcement. If you would like to register your interest send an email to and I will personally send you the folder when its released. 

But there is more to tell you just now as well. There will be other free content files in the coming weeks for the game. These are very much interim PDF's which will allow you to field the other 15mm troops found on our website while their own titles are written and play tested. These will be as follows: 

Planetary Militia in Patrol Angis 
Shia Khan Legion in Patrol Angis 
Maligs and Warlords in Patrol Angis 

Each of these will have statistics tables for troops, armour, weapons for use with their Infantry, Bikes, Battlesuits and Portable Weapons as are used in Patrol Angis. 

Thanks for Reading. 



  1. Will the rules themselves be available in PDF format at some point?

    1. Possibly. The company is thinking about it. We will announce a choice when a choice is made. Would you be willing to purchase a PDF version for print cover price? GBS

  2. Well other PDF rulebooks I have are usually a bit cheaper than the print version.