Wednesday, 17 June 2015

First Look: Patrol Angis Troop Element Trays coming July

As at the time of going to virtual press I have been asked by over a hundred IonFans about 'Troop Element Movement Trays' for use in Patrol Angis.  These trays hold multiple miniatures such as a whole Fire-Team or a whole Squad meaning its easier to move them around the gaming table during play.  While not vital to play and not the most sexy product we have designed (remember the Infernus Malig Ball Tank!) we wanted to create something that looked and felt good in your hands and held the 20mm and 30mm round bases used in the game with ease.  

We have the designs completed and are in the process of putting them into production molds for resin casting.  I think we have succeeded in our ambition.

We will be releasing movement trays in July 2015 and the sizes and shapes will be taken from the Patrol Angis book on the page you can see above.  They will be excellent value and have texture surfaces that will blend with your gaming table.

We will also be releasing packs of the resin bases used in the trays and on our painted miniatures on our web pages.  These will be 20mm Round and 30mm Round sizes.

There will be a full announcement next month at release time but I hope you have enjoyed this short blog post and if you are a player of Patrol Angis and have an idea for a new pack or product for the game please do contact us on

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