Monday, 29 June 2015

Photos from the Planetary Militia PDF full size

Thank to everyone who has downloaded the free four page PDF on using our Planetary Militia miniatures in the Patrol Angis rules system.  Go along to our website to download it and other free files for Patrol Angis.  Enjoy!

I have had a fair number of emails and pings from IonFans over the weekend thanking me for taking the time to not only make up this PDF but to give it away free.  I am happy to have done so.  But one other common thread came up in these comments and that was a desire to see the images from the PDF in full.  These images were taken during our own internal playtesting of the rules and stats in the PDF (also in the forthcoming Shia Khan free material) and depict a rolling conflict.  I thought sure why not and this posting is the result.  I present to you in order from one to eight the images each with a short caption.  Please note this is not an After Action Report (AAR) and the images were taken almost all during one turn.

Using IAF064 Geo Shelters as cover a PM Platoon with Battlesuit support preps for action!
A wider angle photo showing the Khanate advance upon the PM held slope.
Shia Khan forces from left to right AIAF01 Space Goblin Maligs, IAF012 Pioneers and IAF019 Pioneers.
IAF072 Steornade Battlesuit takes aim at the Maligs and defends the IAF043 Power Spire on the left.
A PM 3rd Squad disembarks from two IAF061 Colabreta Carriers.
The unique sniper miniature from the IAFP07 platoon pack takes aim from a high spot at the rear!
Planetary Militia command troop element containing the 'commander' miniature directs the defence.
Using an IAF033 Crashed Skylark Flyer as cover PM Gunners man an IAF073 Amber Portable Weapon which has been towed in by an IAF054 Hazelwurm Patrol Car.
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