Thursday, 5 October 2017

Platoon Pack uniques for single purchase and Reward Points upgraded

Two announcements today at The Ion Age both of which are of benefit to IonFans and wargamers alike.  Since we began our space opera wargaming we have had a Rewards Programme which gives you points each time you make a purchase from us which you can trade in for discounts and free models.  The programme has been upgraded with a new interface and interactivity for you once you log in plus we are giving 100 Points to every new customer as a welcome gift.  As you know we have platoon packs where several codes are combined up into a full force for use in Patrol Angis and these are supplied with an additional unique miniature in that platoon for free. This is a popular thing for us and with feedback from our customers we have now added the ability to purchase ONLY this unique miniature from every IAFP platoon pack.  

Read on for more on this or go HERE and click on the orange button at the middle bottom and also check out all the of platoon packs.

Rewards Programme at The Ion Age
When you place an order with us you have to sign up for an account with the website.  This is not for marketing purposes, we will not contact you or send you email through the account.  It is simply so that you can get your Reward Points through our partner S-Loyalty.  From your very first order you are accumulating points which can be traded in in return for discounts on future orders or free products; five different reward choices.  The interface of the programme has been upgraded with more options for you and a bigger display; just log in to see it.  We are also giving 100 Points as a welcome start for all new customers from this time.  Go along to the website and click on the orange button at bottom centre of the home page to get started or to log in.  Here is a list of the Rewards along with their points costs and you earn 10 Points for every 1.00GBP spent with us.

10% Off Your Order – 300 Points
15% Off Your Order – 900 Points
20% Off Your Order – 1800 Points
Commander Murdo's Taranis Tank – 2000 Points
(A special variant main battle tank worth over 20.00GBP learn more about it HERE)
Habitation Colony Bundle – 9000 Points
(IAF044BU03 Habitation Colony containing more than twenty two resin structures worth 125.00GBP.  See it HERE)

Commander Murdo's Taranis Tank
Habitation Colony Bundle

We believe that our rewards programme is a valued bonus for wargamers and with hundreds of rewards claimed it is giving those who support us as we release more and more Ion Age miniatures and books extra fun for free!

Platoon Packs now with added option
We have over one hundred and fifty 15mm scale codes at The Ion Age and it expands every month.  When a faction gets large enough we create a 'platoon pack' which gives two squads plus a command team for a complete force for Patrol Angis right out of the box.  Each of these platoon packs comes with a unique to it only miniature which is added for free to the pack.  This is extra value we give you for choosing Ion Age for your wargaming.  Customer feedback over the past few months has increasingly suggested that we allow this unique to it miniature to be available on its own for purchase.  So we now offer that!  If you click on any IAFP platoon pack you will see the normal option of one pack, three packs with a 10% saving and now 'unique miniature only'.  Awesome!  Here is a list of our platoon packs as of October 2017.

IAFP02 Retained Lance (25 +1 Knights)
IAFP03 Desteria Lance (15+1 Super Heavy Knights)
IAFP04 Muster Platoon (25+1 Soldiers)
IAFP07 Planetary Militia Platoon (25+1 Soldiers)
IAFP11 Cold Climes Platoon (25+1 Soldiers)

IAFP01 Malig Ordos (32+1 Goblins) 
IAFP05 Legionary Ordos (32+1 Elves)
IAFP08 Nox Ordos (15+1 Super Heavy Elves)
IAFP09 Pioneer Ordos (32+1 Armoured Elves)

Thank you for reading this article and we do hope you will consider trying out Patrol Angis our rules system for our 15mm scale miniatures.  We will be back with this months releases soon!


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