Thursday 30 October 2014

IMP15 Witch Knight free miniature for November 2014!

So how are we going to go about making the November fright themed free miniature a good companion to last years Knight of the Dead?  It's got to be Halloween and scary but at the same time lets make it a little bit softer and going in a different direction to leering skulls and pumpkins.  How about making it a female miniature?  Playing on the theme of the 'Knight'.  A 'Witch Knight' and she should have elements of Ion Age armour and equipment but also her own look.  A pointed hat for sure and a broomstick...ah a tech broom stick.  Also a cloak but with a bare midriff too to make it clear she is a lady of scare but also charm.  I am sure wargamers will love this one and it will sit really well next to the Knight of the Dead for the hundreds who already have that IMP miniature.”

The IMP15 Witch Knight is November 2014's free miniature which is automatically put into every order at the rate of one per order of any value.  It can also be bought in any amount too on the monthly IMP page of the website.  She is wearing elements of Alwite powered armour as well as a hat and a cloak.  In her hand is a futuristic broomstick which could function for flying or as a weapon. She stands some 17mm tall in one piece.   A real character. This miniature is a fine addition to any 15mm science fiction collection for any game system.

Here are some views of the miniature from different angles:

Of course you earn reward points on all orders too through your account.  We realise that some of you may wish to purchase the currently free miniature to get multiples of it without placing a lot of orders so you can do just that.  Visit this page on the website for the miniature at a fair price for a special miniature.  There is a growing page on the Ion Age website where the current and all former IMP series free miniatures are shown so that you can see what came before.  Enjoy and go HERE

As it is our second year we look back at this time last year and see what the free miniature was at that time.  In November 2013 the free miniature was IMP03 Knight of the Dead. It was our third miniature to be given out free.  You can find this miniature in the Year One Collection if you are lacking it.

From now until 1st November all orders that arrive with us will still get the IMP14 miniature free and the IMP15 miniature AS WELL!  I have also had enough emails and requests to keep the current offer on the new Espaten platforms, motive units and gun crews open (15% off regular prices) that we will do so until the start of November; see these on our website.  Bonus!

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