Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Page Search Options Upgraded on our Website

In response to customers questions and requests we have upgraded the page search options on The Ion Age website.  Simply put it means that when you are on, for example, the 15mm Prydian Army page you can either browse or use the top right box for a drop down menu to refine your view of the page.  Refine it to only show Retained Knights or only Vehicles or only Command.  The box has 'view all items' as the default setting.

Since the 15mm range has grown massively this request now made sense.  I myself actually had to be reminded that we are nearing sixty IAF codes near two hundred different miniatures and models.  So enjoy and have a look.  Try it out on the 15mm Prydian Army page linked in this post.

Lastly the 15% promo discount on the new Espaten Portable Weapon Platforms and their gun crews and motive systems lasts only until Thursday of this week so if you want in on it now is the time.

Not really the usually exciting blog post but important non the less.  Why the shipping image at the top?  Well we are also asked a lot what our shipping rates are.  

Thanks for Reading.


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