Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Terrain Expansion and Bundles Pre-Order Offers now live!

Go to our Early Support Offers page now the offers are now live!

The Ion Age has gone big with our excellent 15mm terrain system.  From our modest beginnings a year ago with the excellent single code IAF015 Hab Dome and then through the last year with IAF015 expansions including five different top mounts, a tower module, a landing pad, a smashed and a cratered Hab Dome then the IAF040 Block House and then a group of IAF064 Geo-Shelters too we have expanded the space opera possible of your battlefield.   We have a whole string of pre-order releases  for the terrain system.  These are all works of miniature art made by the talented hands of Sam Croes our lead designer.  Curved, detailed and with a real feeling of being literally built to withstand all that an uncaring galaxy can throw at them.

Go to our Early Support Offers page.  Here is a list of the  11 new codes and 3 bundles in the offer.

IAF061 Command Dome
IAF043 Power Spire
IAF044A Straight Connectors (4 Pack)
IAF044B Double Length Straight Connectors (2 Pack)
IAF044C Corner Connectors (2 Pack)
IAF044D Three Way Connectors (2 Pack)
IAF044E Four Way Crossroad Connector
IAF044F T Junction Connectors (2 Pack)
IAF044G Pressure Door End Connectors (4 Pack)
IAF044H Turret Connectors (2 Pack)
IAF044I Hab Wall Connector Adaptors (6 Pack)

IAF044BU01 Habitation Outpost Bundle 30.00GBP (contains 37.00GBP of product!)
IAF044BU02 Habitation Base Bundle 60.00GBP (contains 75.00GBP of product!)
IAF044BU03 Habitation Colony Bundle 100.00GBP (contains125.00GBP of product!)

Additionally we have placed all of the existing terrain codes at the bottom of the ESO page so you can see and add them to your order if you wish.

From now the pre-order is in effect until Friday 28th November 2014.  Follow the links choose your items, get IMP15 Witch Knight free in every order, and save 10% on screen on every one of the new codes off release prices.  All orders containing one or more of these new codes will ship out end of the month world wide.  

On top of that there three awesome Hab Colony bundles which give you three sizes of ready made settlements with a fantastic 20% saving off release prices!  Finally remember that when you place or have placed an order with us you have a customer account and all orders earn you Reward Points which can be used in future orders for free items and or discounts! Now that is a whole load of awesome!

There is a lot of detail involved in this offer and these codes.  You can read and see all of it in two previous sneak peek posts on our blog.  Click the links to go to them.

Remember that all the existing terrain pieces are also on our website on the TERRAIN page and everyone of them can be purchased now and will ship with your pre-order codes and all of them offer the standard 'buy three save 10%' too.

So go on.  Treat yourself this season and then spend a lovely festive period painting up and assembling your Ion Age terrain to your hearts content.

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  1. 100 pounds is only 20% off of 125 pounds, btw.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Indeed Bundle Three is 20% off list prices. Remembering that already some customers have gone all out and saved another 10% by selecting 'buy three and save 10%' on top of the marked price on page. GBS