Wednesday 26 November 2014

Canlasterian Knights attack Prydian Complex

Canlasterian Attack!
The League of Canlaster has sent a strike force of Retained Knights with light vehicle and air support to destroy the Habitation Complex being used by the Prydian Army as a forward operating base inside Canlastrian territory. With the Hurwent generators destroyed the energy shield protecting the complex is down and several structures have already been smashed. While re-enforcements are on their way the only troops which can defend the complex right now is a platoon of Muster Patrol and a pair of Adder Combat Lifters along with the sentry gun and missile pod of the complex itself. There is also a trio of Prydian Nobles who were carrying out an inspection of the complex and are now going to match their Octo Powered Swords and Carnwennan Pistols against the Angis Rifles of the Canlastrian Retained. So in other words its a pretty normal day during the Prydian Civil War.

Advancing to the Complex Canlasterian Retained and Adder Support
Muster Patrol hurry back to assist the Complex
Aside from the lovely scenic shots which we adore taking...frankly we need more space since the range has grown past the six foot we allocated, I wanted to remind you all that the current early supporter offers and bundles are nearly finished. You have until Friday 28th November at noon GMT to place your order for worldwide shipping saving 10% off the eleven new 15mm Terrain pieces and 20% (or more) off three bundled complete settlements. 

While you can look at previous blog posts HERE and HERE you are best to head straight to the TERRAIN PAGE and the EARLY SUPPORTER PAGE to see the products on our website. Follow the links choose your items, get IMP15 Witch Knight free in every order. Finally remember that when you place or have placed an order with us you have a customer account and all orders earn you Reward Points which can be used in future orders for free items and or discounts! Now that is a whole load of awesome! 

As an update we have had a good number of orders taking the bundles and new faces too. One order simply staggered us by its size and I am thinking of doing a special blog post on it in the near future. The most popular new item is actually the Command Dome which surprised me since I had thought it would be the straight or double length straight connector corridors. We have also had to replace the six shooter Hab Dome mold as well...again. IMP15 Witch Knight is seeing on average an additional one to the free one included being ordered. By the time we work up to the Year Two Collection we might be well known as super generous. 

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  1. Looks fantastic :-)

    With so many troops and buildings, you guys will be a complete gaming package soon enough.

    1. Thanks Ivan. A great deal of wargamers seem to be agreeing with that statement. They look even better in your hand.

      The Ion Age is working towards its own view of the far future. Miniatures, Terrain, Vehicles, Rules and more. Its going to take a good while but we have come a long way in a year and a half and we will keep on trucking.