Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Ion Age on Wargames Buzz with Gary Mitchell

Gary Mitchell the Voice of Wargaming
When the Ion Age launched (only a week or so ago but it seems like an age already!) my good friend Gary Mitchell dropped me a line and wished us all luck with this new space opera adventure.  He also said he would put us in print in his regular Wargames Buzz column on his website.  And he has!

Those of you in the UK and perhaps abroad will remember that Gary used to be the writer of the excellent Darker Horizons column that ran in Miniature Wargames magazine.  Sadly the changing of hands for the magazine meant no more employment in this regard for Gary or the then editor Andrew Hubback (top bloke) and the removal of almost all of the science fiction from its pages.

Gary has an excellent online place which is well worth bookmarking and visiting.  It concerns wargaming but also his whole life, writings, musings and more.  He also does a monthly wargaming PDF blog from there called 'Shiela Tacku' which is hosted on his site.  Its a fine read much like the Darker Horizon's column of old.  Issue Seven feauring The Ion Age can be opened in Acrobat Reader by clicking the link. 

Keep up the good work mate!



  1. Gavin,

    The decisions about Andrew Hubback, Gary Mitchell and the "Darker Horizons" section were made by Atlantic Publishing, not me. However, I am entirely happy that F/S-F is no longer shoved into a 'ghetto' with a cliché black background (which made it extremely difficult to read) but is instead now part of the mainstream magazine. In my experience, historical and F/S-F gamers are often the very same people, and the general response I've had has been extremely positive.

    Secondly, you clearly haven't been reading MWBG since I took over – in fact, I had a complaint from a reader the other day that I am carrying "too much" F/S-F. Since I'm taking flak from both sides, I'll take that as meaning that I've probably got it about right.

    And of course, we have not one, but two regular columns now featuring gamers well-known for their F/S-F affiliations: Neil Shuck and John Treadaway, whose credentials need no introduction.

    And, as it happens, I've got an article of Gary Mitchell's on my desk right now that I intend to publish in the near future. The irony is that it's a historical article.

    All the best,

    Editor, Miniature Wargames with Battlegames

    1. Hello Henry,

      Thanks for your comment. I really must try and pick up a copy when next month's issue comes out. I have been in contact with John Treadaway too.

      Keeping readers happy is not always easy.