Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Noble Knight Games will be in on the Duxis Battlesuit ESO!

The Ion Age has agreed with its North American Agent, Noble Knight Games (NKG), that noble knight will take part in the next early support offer that we are going to make.  This will be two bundle codes for the IAF030 Duxis Battlesuit featuring a saving off list and free bonus items.

We are putting the launch of these ESO's back to allow Noble Knight time to get prepared.  On launch day you will be able to get your bundles both from us and on a page of NKG website.  Full details nearer the time.  Noble Knight Games carried the full range of Ion Age products in its inventory and offers superb customer service to thousands all across the USA and beyond.

So don't be sad we have a big release this Thursday instead (more on this in the next posting) and to give you some eye candy here are some photos of the recently painted up IAF030A Duxis Battlesuit 'Bladesman' variant.  This will feature as part of the first ESO Bundle and its multi-part white metal and stands just over 30mm tall to the head.

IAF030A Duxis 'Bladesman' front view
IAF030A Duxis 'Bladesman' rear view
IAF030A Duxis 'Bladesman' left view
IAF030A Duxis 'Bladesman' right view
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  1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, i just got so excited i nearly peed my pants.....

    1. I will put down some towels for you! :-)

      Not long Zac. A bit longer than originally intended but with NKG in on this it will make many Americans and Canadians giddy with joy.