Monday, 2 May 2016

Mastergunz paints the Taranis Repulsar Laser MBT

“Hey all, 

Mastergunz here again doing a review of The Ion Age 'Taranis Super Heavy Tank' in its Laser Turret and Repulsor configuration. As always the resin from Ion Age is top notch with minimal casting lines and air bubbles. The only thing to be wary of is the side pieces (the 'wing' and engine portions) take a good bit of experience to get them off their sprue without risking breaking it along the thinner sections. It is possible but be patient and work at it slowly. I must say though that leaving these lovely pieces on their sprues is a great idea as it means no risk of breakage in transit; they seem designed for that purpose.

Once cleaned it goes together very easily and the attention to detail is what we have all come to expect from this company. Even though I only ended up using basically 3 colours; with all the panel lines and micro details the piece really pops and will take equally well to a simple drybrushing or full on multi stage highlights and still look great! The tank even has a separate piece with the repulsor 'emitters' that affixes to the bottom, though the likelihood of anyone every seeing this while on the table is minimal its still there because it should be. ;) It also comes with a pintle mounted machine gun but I opted to leave it off; just personal preference. 

As with most tank kits the turret is separate (a fact which I utilized to do this scheme) and can be left off to allow for 360 rotation during games to add that visual element when lining up your shot. 

As for table presence, this thing is massive. Called the 'Taranis' for a very good reason it measures in at 5 Inches long and 3 Inches wide easily overtaking most other 'big' 15mm tanks out there. It could even be usable as a skimmer or hover tank in 28mm should that be your desire. As they said at The Ion Age the Taranis is a true super heavy main battle tank. 

All in all an excellent kit that comes in an amazing variety of options from 8 wheeled, to tracked, to traditional hover skirts and also a host of weapon turret options. Do yourself a favour and pick up 1...or 5, and dominate the battlefield! -Gunz” 

I hope you enjoyed Todd's pictures and his short article. He loves our miniatures so much he wanted to do a second piece for us and here it is. If you missed his article on the Duxis Battlesuit you can see it HERE. Fantastic work on the Taranis tank and I look forward to seeing what he does next in The Ion Age. As he said the Taranis has many variants, more than any other 15mm scale vehicle out there I am sure with more than twenty five different load outs of turrets and formats and propulsion methods. You can see them all HERE on our website and as a treat we have taken 15% off the very kit that Todd painted up IAF103F Taranis Repulsar Tank with Laser Turret. Click there to go straight to it. Treat yourself and your battlefield this merry month of May! Well done Todd! 

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  1. I really like that paint scheme!

    1. I will pass that along to him. I really like it too, very space opera!