Wednesday 25 May 2016

A first look at Callsign Taranis book cover and offers start 3rd June!

Last week we showed off the cover of the new larger format edition of Patrol Angis which is coming next month.  If you missed it then go HERE on our blog.  This time it is the moment that you have been waiting for as we not only show you the cover art for the brand new Callsign Taranis expansion book for Patrol Angis but also the details of the Early Supporter Offers for it which will go live on the 3rd of June 2016.

I think Sam Croes has done a superb job on the artwork for the new book don't you agree.  Taranis is the lord of battle and rightly so putting Bob Naismith's designs front and centre.  Enjoy the picture which will appear on the front of this new A4 format book next month.  So...what will the pre-order offers be?  We call them Early Supporters and if you are one of the many who have supported us before you know that means excellent fun and excellent value too.  On 3rd June 2016 on our Early Supporters page we will present the following offers:

IAB01 Patrol Angis Game Book (68pp) A4 Format.  
12.00GBP save 15% = 10.20GBP
IAB01B Patrol Angis Game Pack 
(Book plus Miniatures and Bases + Unique Miniature) 
40.00GBP save 15% =  34.00GBP
IAB01BP Patrol Angis Game Pack (Pro—Painted and Based) 
90.00GBP save 15% =  76.50GBP

IAB02 Callsign Taranis Expansion Book (68pp) A4 Format 
12.00GBP save 15% = 10.20GBP

IABB Patrol Angis AND Callsign Taranis (both books) 
24.00GBP save 15% = 20.40GBP plus 250 Additional Reward Points on your account!

These great offers will be online for two weeks and then shipped out across the world to all wargamers who place early supporter offers with us.  All orders containing one or more of these offers will ship out at the same time while normal orders ship out as normal.  When you order you will get Reward Points on your account with us which can be used for future discounts and free items too (plus if you take both books you will get another 25.00GBP worth of points, 250 added by us to your account manually).  When you order you will also get the monthly free miniature which will be IMP34 Happy Burger Clownbot the third robotic worker at the Happy Burger chain of eateries in 15mm scale....but more on that on the 1st June.

Our next article will give you a run down of what is in the book along with example pages as images.

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  1. Hey Gavin this is kind of related to Callsign Taranis as its a vehicle telated question,ok does the Super blue adder laser turret fit into the Skylark turret plug? Thanks :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Zac. It will do if you shave it down a little. Basically the gun will with a reduced ring about it. Not made to fit but it can do with some work. GBS