Friday, 31 January 2014

January 2014 for The Ion Age

Muster Patrol and Havelock vs Legion Pioneers
So the month is over and we are well into 2014 now.  Goodbye IMP05 Winter Musterman and upon the morrow hello to our new free miniature for February...IMP06 Zin Envoy.  Want to know more? Then check back tomorrow.

Its been a rather odd month for us here with many projects beginning and progressing and the main focal point of the month shifting to February.  By this I mean the involvement of Noble Knight Games with the Duxis Battlesuit ESO's.  This will be soon but it was originally going to be finishing its two week run round about now.  But it will be worth the wait!

We released three important groups of codes this month and they are outlined below.  Click on each to go to the blog post for them with more details.

IMP05 Winter Musterman
IAF025 15mm Retained Conversion Pack (10 Bits)
IAF026 15mm Muster Conversion Pack (10 Bits)
IAF027 15mm Khanate Legion Conversion Pack (10 Bits)
IAF015D Tower Module (for IA015 Hab Dome)
IAF019 Legion 2nd Tesseran (8 White Metal Miniatures)

We also had a concepting post on the Duxis and a white metal masters post on the Duxis too along with concepting on the Tower Module.  I joined up with the 15mm Sci-fi Wargame Google Community run by Robin Fitton and the reception to this has been great. Dropship Horizon blog launched its Titanium Painting competition and both The Ion Age and pledged prizes.  Its been a fun month for 15mm sci-fi wargaming in general.

Thanks for Reading.

May 2019 and The Ion Age has been taken back into Alternative Armies.  It continues with new releases into the future!  Go to Alternative Armies for Ion Age pages of the 15mm Range the 15mm Terrain Range the 28mm Range the Publications range and the Free Downloads collection too for the latest.  All links to the ion age site are now defunct sorry!  If you wish to see something or ask a question email me on  GBS


  1. "IMP06 Zin Envoy. Want to know more? " Hmmm do i detect a Starship troopers theme with references to 'Zin' and the phrase "Do you want to know more" or am i just going crazy, probably its just old age as i reach the dizzy heights of 46 years of age on Feb 4th.Anyway i've been holding back my order to see this months Free miniature so roll on tomorrow already....

    1. You are way off Zac sorry. I just love that SST line but its nothing to do with the new free miniature. But a clue...what also begins on 1st Feb in another part of the world that we get a month earlier? Also happy birthday when it comes!


  2. Chinese New Year? Year of the Horse?

    1. Give the man a biscuit! Well done, spot on! Full details on the 1st.