Saturday, 24 August 2013

Is this your Flit Car sir?

Trading in illegal goods is common....The Muster stop a driver who might be guilty?
An impounded Hover Van sits next to the driver's Flit Car.  Its owner already detained.
A couple of jolly pictures for you to look at in celebration of getting its, and by extension soon to be our, resin plant up and operational.  The plan is to get every classic Laserburn vehicle out of white metal and into resin production.  They began this releasing the vehicles in the above images with the V101 Flit Car (in red) and the V103 Hover Van (in white). Although near thirty years old these designs still hold up and still look awesome.

The Muster are from IAF003 1st Squad over on the Ion Age website.

Let's hope he has his drivers licence in his pocket!