Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dropship Horizon Blog welcomes The Ion Age!

DSH Blog this morning
Hi IonFans!

Those of you who have followed my personal website or comments on Dropship Horizon blog will know that I think Dropship is the finest place on the web for purely 15mm science fiction news from the wargame industry.  Cool and objective its commentary have influenced my own wargaming purchases as well as those of thousands of others.

Thanks to Chris K, one of the core Dropship Horizon Team, for his introductory post on the blog announcing the arrival of The Ion Age back in the world.  This morning he told me that the posting there has had a high number of hits and certainly the click through to this blog would suggest a lot of wargamers are keen on learning more.

More is what they will learn...beginning upon the ancient enemy returns to the Prydian Precinct. I am sure Dropship Horizon blog will faithfully report this and everything that follows from there.

If you do not know of the blog then follow the link in this posting and check it out.  Its well, well worth your time.


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