Friday, 23 August 2013

IAF005 Balthazar and Jerome

Hi IonFans!

The Ion Age is now live and launched and in that launch message mention was made of IAF005 Balthazar and Jerome sculpted by Sam Croes.  You might have missed it among all the awesomeness that was afoot in the moment.  But fear not as this post will give you something more about these two excellent miniatures.

Below you can see images of this pack and as normal for IonFans they can be had as a pack or as singles or in multiples for a saving.

Angis Pistol in hand Baron Balthazar Fulcrum advances to meet the foe while his trusted aide and companion David Jerome keeps him up to speed with all of the latest campaign events.  Senior in the command structure of the 43rd Knightly Regiment of Prydia the pair have seen action recently at the Zanzibar Breakers Rebellion and now are stationed aboard the Tumult Grave portable castle with the rest of the 43rd KRP.  The Tumult Grave is heading in system for Carmarthen IV part of the fleet sent as a result of this transmission:

"A matter gateway is active on Camarthen IV. Losses are mounting, send everything; everyone.  Send them now.  The Khanate have returned."     

They are among the bravest that Prydia can offer...will it be enough though against an ancient and unknowable enemy?


May 2019 and The Ion Age has been taken back into Alternative Armies.  It continues with new releases into the future!  Go to Alternative Armies for Ion Age pages of the 15mm Range the 15mm Terrain Range the 28mm Range the Publications range and the Free Downloads collection too for the latest.  All links to the ion age site are now defunct sorry!  If you wish to see something or ask a question email me on  GBS

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