Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Cranid Space Brains in Patrol Angis free article

“Look, I’m no ‘Vaulter. I just happen’ta be one of them lads who make sure them ships keep move’n ‘cross the stars right’n proper. But let me tell’s ya somethin’: Ya don’t need’a’be one of them “High’n Mighties” up on the bridge to know that the Dolo Cloud’s where sanity goes out the hatch and skip’s away in’ta the void… 

An example? Sure. Ya seem’ta have the stomach fer it. Let me send’ya over the wall... Let’s talk about those giant floating brains. 

Yeah, ya heard me: Giant. Floating. Brains…” 
Vincent“ Southpaw” MacCabe, 133rd Engineer corps, assigned to the “Radiant Light” 

It is my pleasure to bring you the last news for the month from The Ion Age. It has been an excellent and fun month with three new Grey Adder APC's plus Midsummer Madness (ending this Friday at 9am GMT) as well as free rules for the new Adders in play and of course the month long offer of 20% off the mighty Tohlic Armoured Crawler and our new pack of 40mm Round Bases. All worth a look and a read. We end with a great free article by Aris Kolehmainen which brings you a new tongue in cheek faction for Patrol Angis..among the Dodo Clouds are something rather different. The Cranid Space Brains! Read on for more. 

Minds without Measure Craniads in the Ion Age rules by Aris Kolehmainen 
This six page free expansion article for Patrol Angis gives you game statistics and force buildings rules plus background for an alien civilisation in the grip of devolving. These aliens are floating space brains and a fine if rather odd enemy for your Prydian Army or Khanate Legions. Click HERE to download the article from our web hosting. We have many other free articles on our 15mm Publications page plus the game books and a starter game pack. If you wish to field the Cranids then you can with the miniatures for them from Alternative Armies now on our website in the Resource Wars page. Here are some pictures used in the article which were taken from our play testing of the new force. We faced off with the Cranids using a two mixed lances of Retained Knights, Grav Bikes and Battlesuits. Great! 

Many thanks for Reading and if you have not placed your order for the month with us as yet then now is the time as offers end soon and all our releases are made for June 2018. See you in July! 


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